girls and Boys

Sat, 09/28/2013 - 20:48 -- lrm678


We see one another everyday, and your talk is so condescending.

Maybe it's because I don't have that look

The look of your kind

I get it. It's "God's Will"

We don't see eye to eye because of our polar views

But hey, the least you could do is be an upstanding individual


The fact that you're a teacher doesn't change a bit

You act like the rest of "them"

It's very aware the difference of your treatments for the


And for the Boys


"Hey Steve, nice job at the game last night."

"I understand all of your hard work gets in the way."

"Football comes before my homework, don't worry."

"You truly are a champ. Here's an A+ for you."


"julie this is a disgrace"

"im tired if this every week you slack off"

"stop being a girl and suck it up"

"how about an F- for your negligence"


The perfect image.

God's children.

The bread winner.

Bringing in the victory.

Hometown spirit.

Football Boys rally the town up.


Oh yeah, Steubenville; remember that.

It's just like that.


You see it happen, but shut your eyes.

girls are inferior to your kind

I keep forgetting that

Because I was raised to stand up to people like you


However, you're not the only one

Which makes this issue hard to surpass

I guess that's the problem with living in a small town like this.

You all think the same.



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