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Unwanted "love"... Sent NOT from above. My soul craves it not... Once on its lap I did rot. Now I can see its face... Before I see disgrace... For as long as the illusion vies... 
I gave you everything I watched you walk away you really left us in the dirt but then again I thought I'd stay of course, you can't feel the pain but you make me bleed
Something terrible has happened and I would rather have contracted rabies.My wife and I haven't made love for over two years amd we have twin babies.When I learned that she cheated on me, it was hard to believe.
I let you, I loved you, and you  decided to break me.   So as I build myself back up I pray you work hard to become the man I know you can be. One I deserve, 
Girlfriend! Your man’s over here lookin like a real serial killah. How can I tell you this without havin to tell you every time his hand accidentally brushes my boob? ‘Cause as you well know, bitches hate the messenger.
  Some find it hard choosing between heart and head, even when the perpetrators don’t deserve
do you remember the fireworks back then when we hid behind purple walls praying they wouldn’t see the clouds of lavender smoke that our passion
i see you in fucking santa clarita. fucking that bitch that will never fucking love you that will never treat you like me- that will never protect you,
Of course you do. I should've known. I get half your attention. 
 I will always be here for you. I will be there for the late nights, the early mornings,  the breakdowns and the breakups. I know you don't love me. But, could you please just love my name on a screen?
So baby tell me what's up. Why are things getting rough. When I try to text or call you, ya' never pick up. It's such a shame, I gotta take the blame. You only think that love is a silly little game.
Europa, Io, and Semele  Three took part in a marriage disassembly.  Zeus played his wife like a chess piece.  He visited clubs, went downtown, and attended rancid parties.
If it only takes two to tango, then why do you need another dance partner? Are my steps not on time? Are we not following the same rhythm? Do I not move when you move? Or perhaps it’s you who can’t keep up with the beat.
I just stood there Almost paralyzed by your beauty  Yet, Letting your hurtful words cut me so deep I started to bleed from my wrist My blood was as red as her matte lipstick 
  It was 9 o’clock I was 9 My mom said “come on girls, I guess it’s time” She sat us down and held her breath and with a big sigh She looked at us and said
Graceless, the sinking soils, a cold thorn between Venusian thighs Had pierced her bud so aggressively, Despite my vociferous efforts, To keep him away: Above the lands, I find the tattered remains of letters
The rain is my peace. My eyes were the ocean. My heart in ruins. I shook violently as the droplets struck me. . The rain is my peace., For she cannot see my tears.
The clouds wept for they knew my pain.   ~awatr
I hid under a mask of submissive apologies.   ~awatr
And when I needed you the most, there you stood with her in my place.   ~awatr
Game rules. I do gaming. I play video games Without cheating in any way. Game rules.
And just like the serpent tempted Adam and Eve with the forbidden apple, the burning desire for you to be mine led me into your coils of damnation.
Nothing hurts more than realizing that as you stood, Tears in your eyes, Body trembling, They stared coldly and lied to your face.   ~awatr
You know what? I'm tired of the bullshit Oh you wanna talk? Maybe I'd have time if I wasn't I fed up Always mouthing off About how you this and that, not! You always on this hype
I'm tired of being secondAnd never being first.I say I'm fine with the part I playBut man, it really hurts.
Here we go again   The loss is too deep  
To be honest without the honesty; I promise that I’ll keep it clean ,drop some knowledge on how I feel .To be mean or to be real The truth about the love I feel, It's like drowning , to be real it’s like a fetish, dying but I like it.Keep gasping
Crumpled and torn away from these branches These feelings have began to fall this fall Once a bright summer green became ashes You were once a maple tree oh so tall  
I thought about this poem and what to throw under the bus I realized that the only thing on my mind, was to talk about us.   When I think of the beginning of the end My hands shake, my breath shakes, my head shakes
I thought about this poem and what to throw under the bus I realized that the only thing on my mind, was to talk about us.   When I think of the beginning of the end My hands shake, my breath shakes, my head shakes
I am an arsenal  pulling on my gun The bullet flies across the room All the men need to run.   My lips are steel as they take heart and turn Heads of luxury and fury, I speak every word.
A game, it started with, To meet your lover in it was a myth. The meeting was probably a coincidence, Now it actually makes sense. I met half of my identity, One I've been searching for since infinity.
White grass Gray ground Yellow flowers all around Wide eyes Head down Hid behind a small frown One hand You’d take Try not to be back late Brown clouds Orange sky
You have a beautiful smile, thats what you said. I laughed it off as just pretend. A month then passed and you were there, Right beside me combing my hair. Behind my ear in a loving way,
Tick TockI can't help it Tick TockI can't help that when I am aloneI see you with her Tick TockAll the seconds I see you kissing her When you promised meForever
I knew it when she touched your shoulder And I Walked into the public bathroom alone And the distinct smell of Urine and nail polish remover filled Me with a sense of urgency to Finish quickly
“It’s okay.”   I can still feel it. The way your lips touched mine. Without meaning. Without feelings. I missed them.
There’s a storm growing inside of me A storm I can not explain, It’s whirling and growing vastly It’s going to explode my brain.  
What is a promise really? Words. Words that are twisted and bent. Words you say to someone, whether you mean them or not. These words are dipped in sugar and wrapped in ribbons. They can save lives, or tear them apart.
Evermore a passing thought I can lie about love I can lie about lust But when you lie  I turn to dust  
You told me you loved me You told me that you cared But what we did to sarah… I guess this is only fair   You always kept me hidden I thought you meant it when you said forever you didn’t 
You tell me that I am the love of your life, say that you've never loved anyone the way you love me, laugh and call me adorable when I'm acting strange, smile when you look at me from the driver's side,  
To the women who broke my heart, I hate you... But I love you...
Dear Paul,   Last night I thought of you while driving to Bonnaroo. Stars brought to mind your city’s lights how they were always too bright.
My dearest Zac, The words spilled out of your mouth  Apologies fell onto the table  Excuses splashed into my coffee so that it tasted like lead when I drank it.  You took the stars I once saw in your eyes 
Dear My Future Ex,   I'm tired of all the lying and the cheating, Our alliance suffers from treason,   Whenever we talk, we're fire breathing, Only time we aren't fighting, is when we're eating,
To the guy who wasted my time, To the guy who stole my heart then shattered it, To the guy who sat in front of me in 9th grade English, To the guy who broke my heart.  
A competition you created— anticipating the moment you tell me everything.   The way he touched your skin, like a painter gliding his brush along a canvas.
Her eyes mask her emotions, Her gaze, as cold as the Pacific ocean, As she holds the knife, He begs for life,
To the boy who swept me off my feet in less than a day,  I just want to say, It's so hard to put my feelings at bay When I have to see you everyday From now 'til May. So tell me your secret way,
Dear the person who took my heart, Once upon a time, there was a girl and a guy who had very paranoid ideas about meeting people.
“No one loves you like I do” The words that once seemed lovely Burrow into the crevices of my mind Right next to “you’re not good enough” and “you’ll never achieve anything”   “No one loves you like I do”
You used me never cared when I tried to make things work You always found a reason to make me hurt You nit picked at everything I did to get a rise out of me
Spoken Communicated Listen   Comforted Focused Responded   Stopped Stopped Stopped  
I wasn't loved You cheated, lied and hit I felt the blood run down my cheek You cheated, lied and swore It would never Happen Again I gave up I broke it off
 I'v been cheated I'v been lied 
I know everything you wanted to hide. Your comments, your dirt, the way you always had to flirtYet you said I was enough, you told me to be tough. You said you loved me so much and that I had nothing to worryBut th
I can feel that it's going to rain Yet I don't reach for an umbrella It's the calm before the storm that I really love Yet our storm has already happened And now it's the after affects that haunt me
You told me that You would never hurt me. You told me that One day we would get married in June. Because you loved me. Our siblings would wear the perfect colors 
when you call me beautiful         is it for love? when you hold me close         is it for love? when you kiss me         is it for love?   when you call her beautiful
Love is slow and painful, but it accelerates as you lose the one you love.
Black hearts bleed red I would know For there is a sword in mine It glistens ike embers when I turn to the sun And it's red blood twinkles as it drips As if the drops are falling stars
I wish I had my days of innocence Of silver eyes and purebred hearts I wish I could just hold your hand again But I keep forgetting Your hand was never mine to hold.
Inconsequantial misdoings- Unless you know the story. Understanding doesn't bring clarity-- It brings pain.   A kiss snuck in the dark, Innocent as anything, Until the heartbreak sets in;
Dear Father I heard stories, how you'd beat her, from the neighbour, when I was younger; then you stole her_________ mother's necklace, just to spoil your little lover.
When I learned the truth my heart was broke So worked up I thought I would choke I was filled with anger and many different emotions My mind was nothing but commotion In an effort to save whatever we had
Finally I've come to this realization  That you've never planned on staying  Even with all of your dedication 
68 weeks and 5 days. This is the time I spent loving you. The people we confused. The holidays we celebrated together. The movies we watched. The first kiss we shared. The drives we took together. The dates we went on.
The flow of our bodies begins to harmonize A chorus of grunts and moans crescendos   Urged forth by her begging eyes Our symphony climaxes behind fogged windows  
My father stumbles in Feet tripping over- Heel toe, heel toe At a quarter to 2 -Am, of course   My mother is asleep in her bed
Do you know about his dimpled cheeks, His crooked grin, or his chocolate gaze that dare matches yours,   Do you know he calls me baby, just like you did,
Well, your arms are strong as tides, But you sway her like the wind You breathe me in like ocean currents,
Tears in your eyes you ask me "Should I have left him the first time?"   The car is silent.    You found the pictures on his computer   You are scared silent.   
Your name tastes sour now when I say it, And yes I fell in love, I have no shame to admit, I loved the things you said to me, you always called me amazing,
I woke up to you stirring in your sleepTurned my back to you in disgust because of the fight a few hours before where my heart borespilled out my emotions to keep youfrom turning out our lights Everythings going to be alright Back to sleep I went 
Red, the colour of your racing blood when you first meet her Orange, the colour of the risk you're taking to be with her Yellow, the colour of your joy when you're with her
You don't taste like him
As words crawl up and out of my throat My fingers desperate to find the right note Heart as heavy as lead but fragile as glass Watching the ceiling fan, waiting for it to pass The nausea the fatigue
The knife in our backs The memories revived I see it all When he plunged it in my soul.   How cruel was he,  Listening to me complain As the soul I was allegiant to 
The smell of the fresh April air Reminds me of this time, last year The day seemed fair But suddenly became my worst fear   I never meant what was said A week before this
Stop acting like he abused you. You're the one who calls him worthless every single day. Quit acting like you're all he has. We all know his friends and family love him very much.
I should've noticed that you never actually cared. Shame on me. I should have seen that you hated everyone around you, including myself. Shame on me.
First came love like a roaring fire, Burning intensely with flames only getting higher. The roses were bought out of a love so deep. I stayed up all night missing precious sleep.
His eyes read your mind  his hands touched you body  his lips devoured you mouth  he was you package  tied in a sting  Then his eyes looked away  his lips became lies 
Did you think I would never find out? I’m not as stupid as you may think I am. Do you feel accomplished yet? I let you in and it backfired on me. Even though it isn’t the first time why do I still want you?
Held on like a child clinging to the string that dangles from the bottom of a ballon.   You huffed and puffed, like the Big Bad Wolf, trying to blow away my only happiness.
Love, Love, That is what tied me to the living, I look back now and realize it was her, Her all along, Rose,
Fallen hopelessly  Trying desperately to find Solid ground, But the Earth keeps Shaking, her center  Growing cold.   While shooting for  Her stars, gravity pulling back in,
Charismatic and charming is he, who steals my love only to flee. He who shines as bright as day, takes my heart but doesn't stay. Arrogant and scheming is he, who picks my flaws and laughs at me.
 your love; I am wondering if it’s enough. We said forever but I wonder if I am a liar. I wonder if my God has forgiving me for gambling your love. My heart would feel complete if I only fallowed through.
Empty. Quiet and still on the inside. Everything stuffed inside the closet. Fire ignites, change happens.  His eyes meet mine and the flame gets fanned. The fire rages inside us.
He stands outside my window He stands there at night I can tell something Something I did right I told him no I told him go away I said you don't need me You need your wife
You're so confusing, Up and down. You say you love me, Yet you frown. It's just an illusion, Simply a hoax. I see the glances, The powerful trance. So now I know,
I nodd my head sympathetically and listen. So many problems that I connot fix. A big, glaring, "What Should I do?" twists and tangles my thoughts.
They say the hottest love ends cold It's true After all, if a relationship is only heat the fire must go out eventually And then the frostbite begins licking at your nerves, at your life
I will just sit here with disaster around me You regret your decisions yet? I bet she will flee   When she realizes you lied through your teeth to her face she was no good
The heart  to which mines is devoted is unfaithful, I die  longing for her, I live in  memories of her For the heart  to which mines  is devoted is unfaithful.
Someone draws the blinds, Waking me up on this early Saturday morning. As I squint to look around the room, I notice a blonde haired man standing by the window
I never had a wall. There was nothing therefor you to climb over or knock downbut the more time I spent lingering in your shadowthe more bricks I foundand the faster I learnedto build. 
Mr. Cheetah,   Those who cheatconstantly repeattaking that which is nottheirs, to eat.  
I wish I knew who I am I've just always been his wife His rock & friend So who would I be without him in my life? I miss him so much but its not what you think
I wonder about her I wonder what it's like And I wonder If I even crossed your mind I wonder what it's got to take How bad it's got to be For you to make that kind of mistake For me to leave
There's a burning in my chest And I can't tell whether my heart is on fire, set alight by the rush of energy transferred when he placed his hand on mine for the last time
Fearing the Future
He says, "don't you love me?" I say, "I don't know," I thought so at first, But now that we've grown, People will change, For bad or for worse, But growing apart,  Now that always hurts,
His sweet skin has outlived its expiration Finally, it has soured, from the moment her lips touched. Undeniably it had to happen someday: the outside will always creep on in.
I loved our home it took so much to build the door our joined hands the roof one another's protection dad after day we built it till it became our little cabin our feet kept toasty warm
With all the cups you gave,
My mother is weak And I cannot stand it She is feeble, stupid, and plain Who are you? And where is the woman that I once knew? You’re a weakling, darling A scaredy little ghost
I guess we both fucked up, didn't we? So blinded by our pain that we didn't see, The pain we had, had a source, It got worse, Pro's to little league.   My pain from you,
It’s 10amI am smiling at my sleeping lover, his daughter curled up next to him, so tiny and vulnerable.
Bewildered by your smile Ready to fall at any time Opened up and let you in Kept you sheltered from the storm. Everything came to a stop
Walking away from this pain, Leaving it behind, To try and see, A new light.   
Skin is splotchy from lack of nutrition Dark crevices beneath my eyes from restless nights Hands shacking from loss of stability Eyes sparkless due to a runaway soul Mind caged no longer able to feel
A million stars up in the sky one shines brighter I can't deny A love so precious a love so true a love that comes from me to you The angels sing when you are near within your arms I have nothing to fear 
I loathe your addiction to cigarettesand the women you go to seebecause one is killing you
The hurt, the agony, the pain, the betrayal, the lies, the broken promises, the assumptions, the hatred, the run arounds, the tears, the wounds, the scars, the dark, the pain, those dangerous thoughts, the nights alone, the days of torment, the
Heartbreak is something I cannot take. I fly just to fall, Crashing and burning. I've smiled this smile for to long, I'm starting to believe somethings truly wrong. Your love was a lie
I hate everything you said to me,                                                   
Boy, Why do you keep on askin If I'm takin? If someone's catchin My attention? You should be thinkin That me and you aren't goin To be somethin.
Ahh I can smell that smell from a mile away.  It's that smell of another women's perfume when he's late. He tries to cover it up with one of those old cigars ,but that never really gets him too far.  
i've listened to it more times than i can count, but who's to say that i'm wrong. what you can see is the fading memory of me in a song. why can't i be true, why do you have to love  please i'm begging you run away
'Twas but an hour, the brighest hour, the simplest, livliest moment.   Out like a flame, Out was my security, out was my thirst for life.   And I hated you
The path of life I walk is paved
Its been said that to understandanother must walk a mile in shoes not yoursbut belonging tothe I thought about the walk, and going the
Forever trusting no one, and maybe you were right. They came around to change that. The cause of every fight. Fighting in waves crashing on the shore. The ones we pace across endlessly. 
You're bangin on your mistress While your lady's doin dishes Say your life's good It's a shame because it isn't. Change has to be your mission Just maybe you can fix it But your relationship is breaking
  You stole my heart and you know what?
You came to me last You said she broke you apart But she still came first
If he doesn't know now he's gonna know its sweet you love em I'm sweet he loves me he's beat I'm on it  you creep but I love it its up it's down I'm all around you you want it
The man is a rogue. A gambler and a lover. We lay intertwined, Spent after a moment of passion.   ‘Remember,’ he says quietly, Tousling my hair with his fingers. The ring on his left hand
Oh boy little ol' destructive one, Like a cute little puppy chewing on a shoe. Hurting my feelings, I think I'm done, Would've finished sooner if I only knew.   The unbearable pain you put me through,
Sometimes little things remind me of you and the horrid things that I'd like to do  like get Brittany Perry to fuck your boyfriend or beat you to death over and over again 
You never really listened to a word I said All of it just got lost in your head You say I’m something you can’t comprehend But all I’ve done is bend Over backwards for you And your issue
In the late I've thought, "my life is going well,"
Yuh think I can't break yuh?
Angels Crying (In A minor) The words you spoke that night taught me loneliness, Eye lashes flap across that wide space called time.
The adolescent flair once abandoned Now is the critically acclaimed charm In the Fantasty Castle Occupied via a more deserving owner.   So why did I attempt to perform ethically
Your generalizations on girls Could be a hidden truth of My worth to you, But in your eyes I spot Total opposite of these "hidden truths". Your worth to me seems So much higher than my Worth to you,
Look up Look up Can't you see them? Can't you see the wandering eyes? The intense gazes on something other than their own desks? They're not assublte as they believe themselves to be. Not even close.
My heart is split into two Between I can continue and the other I would be shunned Cast out, A pariah. I don't have the callus for such ignorant human beings.
if only you could tell the difference between the innocent and the ‘innocent’ the standards and grades students hold themselves to aren’t really THEIR’s they are instead
It's incredible really. How two fucked up people, from a shit town can end up planting flowers  inside each other's wrists and growing a whole different atmosphere.  
Teachers, are you really that blind? It's senior year and I finally realized something. While I'm filling out applications every night, I can say these four years in high school have been amazing!
You see me starring. At the board you left blank. You gossiping with students, without any care. You see the cheating but do not care. Pay attention! 
She’s smoking a cigarette. I’m drinking cold coffee. I’m thinking that newspaper ink could cover a lipstick stain.   I’m drinking cold coffee. (The power’s out) and it’s so dark it
Pain.It strikes quicklyalmost unnoticedalmost unfelt.It settles in stages-A fear, a sadness,you shiver, you shakeyou feel the heart quakecrumblethe feeling sinks in
When boiling water across one arm Will produce the same effect as a razor And you know that Every morning it's all you can do Not to drain yourself Although you are so drained already
I wonder why your favorite students are cheaters.   I can always see them looking up the answers on their phones, glancing at notes on their laps or under their papers,
You stand there, not even acknowledging my very being. Looking at you, my vision goes red with hate and lust. Like the wind in the night, you snuck up behind me and swept me off my feet.
I've never loved someone that makes me feel this worthless before. I've asked you to end it, to just leave already, you finally speak up and say 'no'. But there you go again, doing the same goddamn thing.  
Her palms are wet and black from tears and mascara. She thought she was in the right.    Wrong. Nothing is going to be the same.     A wall will be put up around her.
A lonley holiday, drinking to himself. His hands in his pockets,more for comfort then warmth. An unforgiving love.                          Haunts him.
"More" Written By: Madison P. B.   Wanting so badly Wishing for more But how can I ask that of you?   I should be happy That I get something
I feel for you my dear,   I do. He fooled us all. When he took his vows as only words,   and broke all of our hearts. And the son you bore him,  will never know married parents.
What a punishment it must have been  to have lost your faithful's trust again.  No time to atone and no love to hone.  Turns out you have to relearn how to live alone. Emotions become a circus
Depressed. Sitting. Cut-off. I can feel the water go down all the way to my belly. Not eating. Eating shit. Sitting. Dreary anticipation. Will my babe forgive me?
Clockwork heart. Wind it up and off it goes. Don't get too close, or it might explode. Dormant, it lies, therefore unscathed. It one was new, pure, whole, expectant.
The Rose is gone, what happen to the Rose which come in every season your petal. Was always crutch together. What happen that I come outside and didn't see your eye' was lays there my lane of flame that spark my everyday.
I get angry at my body for what's living in my headif I could flee my form I'd do it, and live in my soul insteadmy body has its wants, but my soul has its needs,and what my body wants leaves my disgusted soul to bleed
  It’s a silly little thing The way I want him The way I wish I didn’t And wouldn’t it just be grand If it weren’t wrong For me to want him. And I’m just a silly little girl
People tell me everything is going to be ok, That things are going to get better, But, how do they know? How do they know what’s going on, When it’s not happening to them,
After a game of playful looks and bashful talks On a night of a friends birthday He blurted out for me to be his I, too quickly, accepted To only find out that we were determined to block out another
I was not witness to a father who beats, I was witness to a father who cheats. I never said a word, I kept it all in, I still wonder if doing that was my greatest sin. My mother went on not knowing the truth,
The sun shines bright, but thou smile shines brighter,                                                All becomes well, my worries begin to fade;                                                                We lie beneath the tree, laughing in t
Leaves of green are rustling in the wind But I sit inside and must rescind Everything I felt for you   Was it necessary to betray me I see now that I never will be The one who has your love  
I hid behind pretty words and fake smiles, while behind them i was always lost and confused, you made me feel so safe at your side like i belonged there.. yet so horribly vulnerable i wanted to disapear, so i ran...
I've never been one to cheat or even flirt With someone who's not mine.   I don't know what's happening, why I suddenly want this. To be unfaithful.   There are others,
The words I hold back, Are the qualities that you lack, You want me to be ther for you, But your why when you are so rude, I wanted you to be that man for me, but I was to blind to see, You had another woman in our bed, Enough said, You are a sold
Temperatures rises  we're out of time  click! you miss me  but who's that chick  we lost it  saying you're name like she belongs  with  you  know me 
Who knew what would happen when you meet someone it could turn into great things it could give you some great memories it could get you a new friend it could even get you someone you really like
Over come with sadness my hearts in the air and no one to really share with what is complexing my mind and bottling my eyes confusing my heart to believe I have nothing good left in me nothing but 3 6 spirits left in me minus the 1 spirit God put
Hey, You. Yes, You. Why are You just standing there? Green eyes, Black boots, And that messy brown hair. Looking at me without a care. Soft lips, Colorful belt, Hands on hips. Revengful smirk.
Speak your words to me once more, my darling So prim, so proper, so rehearsed Appeasing, but unreachable Soothing to the ears, but unrelatable Why protect me, love? We all know I take as well as I dish
Your love was intangible, out of my scope Joker, u desired nothing more than to create a fool out of me, Like the tongue that gets burned from the yearn of hot tea
What do we do when we find another? You don't deserve the right to be called a mother Who's to blame if we don't even respect each other And then I wonder.....why we even bother?. (Yeah....yeah) (Hook)
I’m throwin' my hand in I’m done with your games Don’t care if the next one’s Better Cause I’m tired Of the cold hearted Cheatin' and Lyin' It’s gettin' kinda old now A player
I stepped on a slug today. It made me wonder how you were doing. Leching your way across town no doubt. Filling your pockets with our disappointment. Recycling nicknames, sex games, growing pains. It's just growing up. It's a part of life.
And its things like that which make me question: Why is it so soon and I’m already questioning. My gut is already right, I’m a Sagittarius.
I've been through this game before Slowly watched us being torn This word no longer means a thing to me It's all a lie, as far as I see Unconditional love i've recieved But deeper within was dark and deceit
Hell is looking into your eyes and knowing I meant nothing to you. You who I have given my whole being to. I turn quickly away as tears pour down my face in a never ending cascade of false hopes and broken dreams. Congratulations! You did it!
I did not sleep on the couch because I was angry – Because I wasn’t. I did not sleep on the couch because I couldn’t make it to my bed – Because I could.
I fly into the night, My wings make no sound. I remain out of sight, When the moon is full and round.
it’s 12:34 and i guess i’m just a sack of skin caffeine replacing my endorphins my happiness is busy she’s gone, running out my nose and streaming out of my eyes and
So many stores as I stroll down the street. Each one enticing; I struggle down the street. Keeping my urges under control is easy for most. But my control will blunder when I see the cinnamon toast.
I sit in a dark room filled with my deepest regrets, My heart beats distressed notes of a saddened quartet. My fist are clenched my clothes drenched in sweat.
TORN Torn between right and wrong, Should i tell the family? How did you hide it so long? ANGRY Angry at your lies, You had so many chances for truth. How could you look us in the eyes?
Deceitful words unkempt By the comb of a human conscience Mistakenly exempt From Karma’s omniscient province Is truth given attempt? Or are falsehoods your native parlance?
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