Arsenal of Weapons

I am an arsenal 

pulling on my gun

The bullet flies across the room

All the men need to run.


My lips are steel

as they take heart and turn

Heads of luxury and fury,

I speak every word.


Easier said than done

comes to my mind

as I take arm and stunt

on the men and time.


Two bombs on my hips

grenades that cause

Explosions and chaos

and stay strong as I fight.


Silence filled the space

reaching for his hand

He'll be trapped in my gaze


Because "I understand".


Looking into his soul I find

Something worth more than pennies and dimes, 

A dilemma, hidden away in the dark of his mind

as he continues to hide from what's truly inside.

In my heart, I know not what he thinks

but what I know,

As I can use this as leverage for something


Digging deeper into his dark desires

I take what's his in a cold manner.

Hope, for a bright future or for love.

But love is something no one is capable of, 

In a world where I control the cards and pull the triggers, 

I see that people now are more anxious than ever...

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