What a punishment it must have been 

to have lost your faithful's trust again. 

No time to atone and no love to hone. 

Turns out you have to relearn how to live alone.

Emotions become a circus

elephants parade around your stomach and clowns crowd your chest

your vision fills with smoke from the stoked fire that resides behind your burning breast.

Your thoughts flip from tight rope to tight rope

as your life teeters in your own hands

and you can faintly hear those frustrated, crashing fists of the bands.

Once clarity returns you find yourself staring into the face of the unforgiving lion.

With ease it reaches over and grasps your windpipe,

and as you try to breathe, you can't because you're dying. 

Then reality mauls you from within 

and you realize Fie! I'm the bad guy.




Minnie B

I love the imagery presented in this poem...Love definitley hurts from the inside out!


Thank you so much for reading and your comment! I wanted to show infidelity from the perpetrator's perspective and the personal subjugation of punishment. Granted, he/she has to have a conscience :-P Circus works because at such a time, thoughts and emotions are wild.

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