The House Always Wins

Wed, 10/02/2013 - 22:31 -- Maude B

When boiling water across one arm

Will produce the same effect as a razor

And you know that

Every morning it's all you can do

Not to drain yourself

Although you are so drained already

And no sleep helps

Because sleep becomes an enemy

And forces the unwelcome from my lungs to my mind


The house always wins

I should've known

When the scars had started to fade

I had to fade too

And attempted happiness brought them back


Tears won't come and pity is tentative

Because every story tells me I am the villain

Although I'm not and I try to convince myself

It's two guilt trips and a dozen "don't worry"s


When you're so drained that you become tired

Too worn to care or try

A thousand types of smoke

Which you hope will make you forget

Forget everything


Because every morning,

You wake up crying.


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