Fri, 09/16/2016 - 06:43 -- Bunni98

You don't taste like him

You don't smell like himMy body said yes to him enveloping me with his sweet wordsAnd hisSoft murmurs At night when I need to hear them from someone elseThat doesn't ever need me the way I need them Am I crazy I feel his back under my fingersAnd I feel lips against my neck and thighs under mineBut he doesn't feel like youHe doesn't breathe like youHeavy like his lust his breath comes down on the nape of my neck Is my heart full with joy that its finally happening does sorrow weigh more than the fulfillment of his wordsMy heart strapped to my chest is waiting for another man to amputate whats left of it,Tearing away each pieceBecause like the holes in my life you filled each with love--Every forsaken by bonds of lust And so I let go of us, But I can't stop thinking of you.He doesn't look at me like you used to.He doesn't love me like you used to.But now he's here, like you used to.  

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