When I learned the truth my heart was broke

So worked up I thought I would choke

I was filled with anger and many different emotions

My mind was nothing but commotion

In an effort to save whatever we had

I destroyed my relationship with my dad

I risked it all and ran to you

Hoping I would make a breakthrough

My anger was there but would hardly show

Instead my love for you seemed to glow

I pleaded and begged to know why this happened

Why your love for me had badly slackened

A mental damage to my brain

I was a dragon that you had slain

I begged for mercy in one of my darkest hours

Hoping that maybe I had some power

Hoping that in your heart you knew you loved me

Hoping you would remember when we climbed our tree

 I was so afraid of your rejection

It hurt me like a bad infection

I asked for you to hear me out

An effort that was soaked in doubt

But to my hopeful surprise

You looked straight into my eyes

You said yes and would listen to me

But at the same time something was meant to be

I try to be the best woman I can be

But being broken isn't easy for me

You left me when I was broken down

You took away my only crown

I thought I was your queen forever and always

But instead a princess averted your gaze

I want to trust you and be able to rely on you in life

I want you to take away this knife

The one that cuts me and leaves me covered in scars

Help me to stay away from being behind bars

You have my mind, body and soul

But through my heart is a gaping hole

I'm yours through everything in life

I just wish you wanted me as your wife

I wish no one had ever come between us

Cause now it's hard to even discuss

I failed you and our love

Now I'll never be your beloved





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