Please Forget Me

I hate everything you said to me,                                                                                                   Because now it's like glue and won't let me free.                                                                                   The good, the bad                                                                                                                                     The happy and the sad.                                                                                                                            You won't let me be                                                                                                                                  And I hope you know that it's killing me.                                                                                                  You promised that it would all be okay,                                                                                                   But it's not, not today, not yesterday.                                                                                                    Your voice, your words echoing in my mind                                                                                            Telling me to relax and to breathe, but no, not this time.                                                                        You lied and you have broken the only part that was whole                                                                 Now I feel lost and incomplete, like once before, like I told                                                                      You. Before this all happened i told you of my fears                                                                            You told me that it would all be okay and wiped away my tears.                                                           You won't let me be                                                                                                                                 And I hope you know that it's killing me.                                                                                                You promised that it would all be okay,                                                                                                    But it's not, not today, not yesterday.                                                                                                         I hate everything that you said to me                                                                                                      Now i am chained and struggling to break free                                                                                      Break free from all the lies that echo in my head                                                                                        I already was, but now even more, i am dead.                                                                                         You need to see that I am breaking out                                                                                                      I will not be the same one you used to think about.                                                                                 So this is my goodbye, goodbye for now or forever                                                                               Only time will tell but it's as different as the weather                                                                               Please forget about me and everything that happened,                                                                        For all that was white in me has now been blackened...


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