Fight the Fear

Graceless, the sinking soils,

a cold thorn between Venusian thighs

Had pierced her bud so aggressively,

Despite my vociferous efforts,

To keep him away:

Above the lands, I find the tattered remains of letters

She had written to all her other lovers,

My desires,

left dancing in the tangled fog of Winter's brain:


Passion as a palpable escape,

from the Outside,

now lover's Passion turned into shame:

I watch her speak in tongues,

and display her lemon glow,

from within two gaping holes in her head,

where my universe spilled:


A Devil's delight,

In through the canal beyond the deepest parts,

He delegates,

watching from his throne of weeping seraphims,

As she spits vitriol at my feet,

and slips into the grey of his eyes that had accrued the strange mists

from the first quassars of time:


That fateful Autumn night,

She'd left my apartment, to get "all the wine,"

She said she'd watch him

Like magic, startle the leaves,

And listened to them change color in the dark

with her hands pressed against her chest,

Still gambling with the unexplained:


I am now a banquet of flesh,

red and burning with the betrayal of her disasturous whims,

But even as the infernal fog settles,

I dare to love unconditionally,

the remaining parts of myself that shake underneath the weight,

of the guttural mockery of crows:


I remain undefeated

in heartbreak.






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