Is Blood Thicker?


People tell me everything is going to be ok,

That things are going to get better,

But, how do they know?

How do they know what’s going on,

When it’s not happening to them,

Families are built on trust and love,

Aren't they?

What if you find out they were lying to you the whole time,

Then suddenly our family is torn apart,

By one decision you made,

Everything that you love and care about is gone,

Mother and daughters not talking to each other,

Picking sides on who’s telling the truth,

Being told it’s none of our business,

And being pushed aside,

I’m glad that my mom is happy but,

Why can’t it be with dad?

Instead of some other guy,

Why rip our family apart?

Isn’t blood supposed to be thicker than water?

So many questions that no one will tell me answers to,

Why can’t we go back to the past, 

Where everyone was happy.

Why did you have to lie to us,

Do we not mean anything to you?

Was he really worth it to destroy our family?

I feel abandoned and alone, 

Replaced by a new kid, his kid.

Was I not good enough, I’ll try harder.

Just please, don’t go away,

I still need a mom, please

Don’t leave.


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