Why do You Keep on Lovin?

Why do you keep on askin
If I'm takin?
If someone's catchin
My attention?
You should be thinkin
That me and you aren't goin
To be somethin.

I know that you have been crushin,
But now you say your lovin
Eveything that I'm doin.
But me and you are nothin,
Nothin to be takin.
So tell me straight then,
Why do you keep in lovin?

I am thinkin:
Everybody's lyin,
Everybody's cheatin,
And you're just sinkin.
You're welcomin
The wrong openin
To just get you broken
You let the wrong people in.

But I'm not lyin,
I'm not cheatin,
All I'm doin
Is talkin.
Talkin isn't lyin
Talkin isn't cheatin
Talkin is just talkin.


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