Between Him, You, and Me

Mon, 12/26/2016 - 22:33 -- jxxh

Do you know about his dimpled cheeks,

His crooked grin,

or his chocolate gaze that dare matches yours,


Do you know he calls me baby,

just like you did,

or that he likes to wrap his hands in my hair when he tells me how beautiful i am,


It was never easy,

replacing thoughts of you with the existance of him,

but you were tasting her soft lips as you opened your eyes,


And I couldn't bring myself to admit that you were lying again,

he was eager to taste me,

and you were eager to forget me,


He had hair that I could comb my fingers through,

and you had a buzzcut when I first told you,

but I couldn't tell him I loved him,


Not when a part of me still felt as though I was empty without you,

He showed me a gentle love,

with expectations shattered,


but you showed me the rough love I deserved,

and you shattered my goals of not getting attached,

to something that was never met to last,


I'm torn between rolling between his sheets,

and falling into your hole of deceit,

between the three of us we all know we are going to hell.



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