Stupid Love


I guess we both fucked up, didn't we?

So blinded by our pain that we didn't see,

The pain we had, had a source,

It got worse,

Pro's to little league.


My pain from you,

Your pain from me.

Now we see finally,

a little too late, too late 

My mistake, 

now we know,

but too late,

to grow,

with a clean slate.


We are apart,

no restart?

We let go?

Now we know,

this pain we feel,

it must be real.

Too real,

to feel.


So we tell ourselves

Something else.

We fall again,


our words bent,

our hearts lent,

our trust given,

our hope risen, 

last chance,

there we went,

no more pain?

we'll stay sane?


With  pain disregarded,

almost restarted,

almost retarded

almost unguarded


hear you are with the

Never too late to try,

love doesn't die

love thrives


we all know 

you've hit the lowest blow


you've tricked

for the last time

that dis,

that was the crime

you've picked

the wrong kind

you controdict 

your own line


"Love doesnt die,

Love thrives."

your lies are no suprise

but i found all the ties

with what lies between her thighs



now your last on my mind 

but I know with some time 

You will realize

that you cant say 

your goodbyes


but its too late 

your mistake

now im gone

and im still livin on

with out you or our song

i wont be cheated on

any longer


And I know

that I must

become stronger 

cause I cant

hold on to this hate

much longer


And i know i still love you

but i need to make do without you 


know i know what you mean 

when you said "love doesnt die"

you didn't lie, cause it doesn't

your right it thrives.














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