We lost it

Temperatures rises 

we're out of time 


you miss me 

but who's that chick 

we lost it 

saying you're name like she belongs 



know me 

and I thought i felt you 

the way we used to sit 

we lost it 

forget the tough times that we committed to

lost hope 

they handed you the rope to safety 

but you blanked 

you choked 

forgot all the lines you wrote 

for me ? 

For her ? 

To whom do you you have feelings for 

we lost it 

that special feeling 

our little piece of intense 

hands that once intertwined 

cursed our lies and hated goodbye

i blame you 

but I'm equally guilty 

lust too over out minds 

love hasn't exist 

since the first little slip 

her poisonous kiss 

we lost it 

eyes filled with oceans 

earthquakes tore out hearts in two 

I thought I'd always be you and me 

but all along 

I was playing house with three 


in the story 

sharing sheets with her 

calling me up wishing me the best 

Oh you miss me ? 

But you kiss her 

we lost it 


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