I wake for me

I woke up to you stirring in your sleepTurned my back to you in disgust because of the fight a few hours before where my heart borespilled out my emotions to keep youfrom turning out our lights Everythings going to be alright Back to sleep I went with a pillow in between us so I wouldn't have to touch your skinThink about your sinwhere you've beenwho what where why and whenand howyou could pick a fightas if you were right Everythings going to be alright As I drifted off to sleep once moreI pray I wouldn't meet your face demonizing meInstead, I saw myself as if it was a lucid dreamthey key was me My naked body turned around with all to bareI never wanted to be elsewhereWe said "Everythings going to be alright" In unison, we spokeand my voice brokeA story so beautiful it made the devil cry There once was a young girlWith a blood-red pearlher eyes were like stars and her smile a crescent moonher skin like barkthey said she had that sparkthat would light up the room one day she lost her pearlsome say she gave it away all for a boy who promisedand in the end would not stay fear not my dear "Everything's going to be all right" In unison , we brokeand the tears fell from my eyeswas this dream a nightmare?Why would I make myself cry? I approached myself crawling on the groundbegged for answers that would keep my heart sound.She? I? We? Spoke I come from deep within to tell of your own sinYou have fallen victim to a crimeYour pear was stolen you did not give it awayand I will give it back to you today  Inside your pearl you will see that love only needs to come from meYou've lost your will to live but I will give it backcherish you yourselfmount your pearl on a plaque  I awoke in a cold sweatand gathered my things from the drawersI no longer bed a thiefI will be a victim no more I used to wake to only to greet days of sorrownow I wake to see tomorrowlearned to love myself so much that I can't get enoughlearned to wake up to feel my own touch We often forget that love comes from withinsearching here and there begging strangers for love to shareNever loving ourselves is our sin Miracles don't usually happen overnightbut that dream helped me take flightand if someone dare ask for the keyI would tell them I wake for me

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