Fri, 12/13/2013 - 11:26 -- Allyson


Yuh think I can't break yuh? Well when I lay yuhr sexy brown body down on my bed spread yuhr legs and give yuh the best head slowly unbutton ya pants and remove ya boxers I don't think yuhr need them for what's about to happen for the next couple of hours "this is so wrong..." But it feels so right I told him and after I wrap around what yuh will remember for a life time Yuhll say fuck mi girl I'm in mi right mind even after the licking kissing touching yuhr be cured don't need no robatussin so I ask yuh do yuh want mi to put it in yuhr face I already know yuh wanna hit it do yuh want mi to be yuhr little slut? Yuhr girl left yuh starving and hungry yuh came to mi so Yuhll never r be lonley when you hold my body don't you dare let go make this pussy squrit make me cry make this ..... grab my waist and slamed me down hard ass fuck as your eyes rolled into the back of your head you thinking it's over but all night is my plan so I kiss you all over your body I stare into your eyes. So I put my tongue all over you. Kissing on your hard 


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