Darling say yes

I hid behind pretty words and fake smiles,

while behind them i was always lost and confused,

you made me feel so safe at your side like i belonged there..

yet so horribly vulnerable i wanted to disapear,

so i ran...

I slit my wrists trying to drown out the fear with pain,

which is so much easier to bare.

I cheated trying to distance myself from you

running to the arms of an ex-lover to regain that familiar feeling of control.

I lied, building up a wall between us,

thinking it would protect me from falling again like i have so many times before 

but was blind to the pain i was causing you,

the one i cared most for, though just that scared me..



sorry for breaking promises i wanted to keep,

sorry for being just like those other guys...

But i did..

These mistakes will remain with me till the day we part, 

and even after.

The memory of your tears haunts my nights,

depriving me of sleep and taking away one of the few pleasure i hold dear.

the comfort of my own sanity..

thats now being chipped away by every passing moment,

though id throw it all away to take it back,

to make it so you never had to cry..

but history is written in stone,

so i look back and learn from my mistakes..


Darling i miss you!

i miss the way you used  to look at me,

i miss your warm touch against my skin,

and the gentle kiss under the covers..

i miss being able to call you mine,

you who made me so completly happy,

you who showed me a future to fight for,

a smile worth dying for...


Like a criminal under the gun,

i beg for a second chance..

My words are worthless to you 

after the lies and deceit

but there is still truth behind my words.

though my head is in the clouds

and my mind forever in the gutter

my heart remains true..

So though my words are flawed,

my actions will speak for themselves

so darling say you'll be mine again..

For one thing is true...

The day i said i loved you,

to this very day,

NOTHING has been more true.



Wow... there's something really sincere about this poem that really hit hard. It's desperate and makes your heart ache with it, and yet there's a tiny glimmer of hope in the way that the speaker's love is finally deemed more important than the fear of losing it-- because it's already lost, and a fragmented, sadder love is the only thing that survived.

Maybe I mostly enjoy it because I experienced something sort of similar-ish, but your poem is really marvelous. Sure, there might be a few minor spelling errors or whatever, but one of the main points of a poem, or of art really, is to communicate a sensation or an idea for someone else to interpret themselves like it was their own. And you did that in a very satisfying way.

I sort of would love to know exactly how you got inspired to write this; then again, the poem likely tells all I need to know. Did you write this with a specific person in mind, or was it more general? If it was for someone, did they ever read it? I hope things are better for you now than they were, too. And thanks for allowing me to read your poem by commenting on one of mine!



This poem was written for my girlfriend. I made a lot of mistakes out of bad habbit and wrote this for her and recited it infront of her cause some poems are stronger when heard. It worked out and she even kept the poem we made a year a few months ago actually. Poems arn't about rhymes and similes or anything of that sort all they are is raw emotion. The rest is just added to make it apealing to the eye or to help convey that emotion. Thank you for the comment was very insightful and helps to hear from fellow poets. If you want to read good poetry though i sugest looking up my fellow admin rebeccaysperez. Not much of a nature poet but her work is very good 


Stop putting yourself down! Hi there, Ultrabookworm, I'm the girlfriend/fellow admin. Excuse me while I lecture him.

You are a poet. ANd you know it! Stop putting yourself down. You're very good at it and you know if you like it you shouldn't ever say that you are not. It is somethign you put into practice and you believe on your own!



I appreicate people who came come to their truths instead or hiding in their lies. For you to write this poem of confession AND recite it to her , to her face, I find that stunning in my book. Amazing poem. And I wish the best for you two :). -kkproductions.


Thank you that's really kind x3 means a lot its pretty hard to do without a doubt.

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