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it’s 12:34

and i guess i’m just

a sack of skin

caffeine replacing

my endorphins

my happiness is busy

she’s gone,

running out my nose and

streaming out of my eyes and

welling up in the creases in my skin

and all i can think about is you

and what you tried to say

and how you make me feel

and how you want to make me feel nothing at all

i found a boy who makes me feel nothing

i don’t love him,

i don’t think i even want him

but he wants me and isn’t that enough?

tell me it’s enough

it’s 12:37

and i don’t know what to do

it’s 12:38

and i don’t know what i am

it’s 12:39

and i just don’t care anymore.

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Wow! Deep thoughts are going through my head. Its a lot to think about after reading this poem. I enjoyed it though. Nice job ! =)



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