Body Functions

I get angry at my body for what's living in my head
if I could flee my form I'd do it, and live in my soul instead
my body has its wants, but my soul has its needs,
and what my body wants leaves my disgusted soul to bleed
this is not what I decreed

with every bite and tremble, I shudder somewhere deep
and with every thoughtless impulse, my body earns its keep
I'm knocking down the wall between my skin and shoulder blades
until one cannot tell them apart and I don't feel the same
until I feel insane

just give me one more reason, I'm sure I've heard them all
I've built my expectations here and will not see them fall
while keeping to this sickened plan is sure to cast me down
at least I'll pass my own tests and win the cheater's crown
as I lose every pound.


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