Who knew what would happen when you met someone

Who knew what would happen when you meet someone
it could turn into great things
it could give you some great memories
it could get you a new friend
it could even get you someone you really like
It may give you someone who is there for you
Somone who helps you out a lot
Someone who you enjoy being around
Someone who creates really good memories for you
The person can actually make you feel a lot of things
Make you feel happy
Make you feel giggly
Make you all smiley
Make you feel frusturated
Make you feel sad
Make you feel mad
Make you feel so alive
Make you feel so much at once
Maybe this person is someone you miss
Maybe this person is someone you wish you could see right now
Maybe this person made you feel things you didn't think was possible to feel
Maybe this person is someone who you wish you could spend more time with
Maybe this person is really special to you
Maybe this person is in your life right now
Maybe this person isn't your life right now
Who knows
Only you will know in time
Sometimes one thing leads to another
First you meet the person
Then you like as a friend
Then you like them more than a friend
You end up thinking:
how did it all start
Also when did it all start
Just how the person makes you feel
Just how much has happened because you met the person
Just about everything about the person in general
Look at how much things cause another thing
Just because you meet someoe
It could be good things
It could be bad things
May cause a lot of happinees
May cause a lot of hurt
You never know what will happen when you meet someone
Could be really good
Or just lead to a disaster
That was waiting to just crash and burn
Just don't know when, where, why, and how
Maybe the crash and burn was needed
To make you realize how bad off you were
How it made you
How much you needed to change things
How much you needed help to get back up
How much you were doing things you shouldn't because of it
How much that person was wrong for you
Maybe things to come after that
where in need of a change
to work on yourself
get back to normal
Maybe after all of that
you eventually found peace with everything
you eventually moved on
you eventually found someone better for you
All of this gave you a new experience
a lesson in all of this
how to deal with things next time your in a situation like this
was it really worth all of this
ignore people especially when the person is just trying to hurt you no matter what
Things can happen
it can be good
it can be bad
you never know what is in store for you
you never know what will happen
but as long as you get through it in time
and are happy in the end
that's all that matters
what is most important in life
is your happiness


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