Silly little things


It’s a silly little thing

The way I want him

The way I wish I didn’t

And wouldn’t it just be grand

If it weren’t wrong

For me to want him.

And I’m just a silly little girl

Who always wants

What she can’t have

And he’s a silly little boy

Who I’m positive

Wants me too.

But there are these two

Silly little details

That I …

Gosh I shouldn’t think like this

When I say details

I mean people

There’s a guy

And there’s a girl

And their silly little feelings

Which really aren’t so silly

Would get hurt.

And I don’t want to hurt anyone.

I’ve done enough hurting.

I’ve been on the receiving end

And on the giving end

Of pain lately

And neither side

Is a side I’m proud to be on.

But I can’t help imagining

The way his lips would taste?

Or where he would put his hands

When he kisses me?




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