I wonder

I wonder about her

I wonder what it's like

And I wonder

If I even crossed your mind

I wonder what it's got to take

How bad it's got to be

For you to make that kind of mistake

For me to leave

And let it go

I wonder if you know

That I know


I wonder how she tastes

And I wonder if you tasted me instead

Did you wonder about me

As I laid in our empty bed

DId it hurt

Every word

That I said

Did it hurt 

I wonder

What it would take

For me to be able

To break your heart

The way you broke mine

How much time

Will it take

For this mistake

Not to break me down like this

I wonder


I wonder

I wonder a lot

You must have forgot

Everything I said to you

That night

You must have been pretty damn low

To go

Where no man should go

Because I wonder

If it meant anything to you

After all the years I gave

All the love between us

I wonder

If she saw that love in your eyes

When you laid her down

In a bed of lies


Between you and I

I wonder

If it ever was real

Because between you and me 

I have nights still

After all this time

Where I have to wonder


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