Angels Cryings (in A Minor)

Angels Crying (In A minor)

The words you spoke that night taught me loneliness,

Eye lashes flap across that wide space called time.

Staring deeply into that lost place of preserved memories called the past,

A heartache appears both brief and sweet, and I honor it with a tear.


We choked at feelings we didn't know we had, something called fear.

Hands grew anxious yet desired the company of each other.

If you were my obsession, then loving you was my compulsion.

This is my disorder and no it isn't generalized anxiety; it’s the story of you and me.


Knowing love is knowing God, so I knew it was not wrong to try and make it.

When we knew we were clumsy enough to fall in love, that we could break it.

Hearts were pure filled with tender emotion, and I knew we both felt alone,

I hoped that we could be alone together, for past grievances we could atone.


A cold glass that once held the contents of that inebriating liquid called love,

That appeared pure and white; a divine symbol like that of Moses' dove.

Has showed me it's cold glimmer and I know it is not wrong to love.

I can neither ask you to come back or move forward, but I know you will.


My charcoal black eyes were filled with joy over your missed phone calls, my thrill.

I once loved without fear and I let you see my scars and bruises,

Some self-inflicted and others through neglect and past misuses.

My love was that of a charity giving away freely to those in need.


Your love was like a job only employing those who fed on greed.

Eyes flutter in a dim lit room void of both your presence, and "ours."

As moments turn to minutes, which spill emptily into hours;

These are the sounds of Angels Crying in A Minor


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