To The Guy Who Broke My Heart

To the guy who wasted my time,

To the guy who stole my heart then shattered it,

To the guy who sat in front of me in 9th grade English,

To the guy who broke my heart.


I hope ants eat out your eyes! But, I’m a little melodramatic today.

I’m not angry… I guess. Or maybe I am.  

I mean can you blame me,


I came home on that tuesday

From my D.C. trip expecting…

The same love I left you with,

I had no clue what the Friday after had in store,

I noticed the love was different,

So on that Friday,


I was looking through your phone completely inscure,

Instagram to be exact,

was the last app you used,

You must've forgotten to delete your dms,

“I love you,” said you.

The three words that I loved hearing,

But was shattered when you said them to another girl,

“I love you”


I started to cry,

I found forgiveness in the arms of a your friend,

He pulled me into a hug,

I was wearing makeup that day so it started to run down my face,

Like the tears i was drowning in,


You looked at me,

A look of hurt on your face,

You tried to ask me what was wrong,

But i just gave you your phone,

You read what you wrote to that little girl,

You cheated on me with her,

A little arrogant girl,

you were what I believed in. ,


I ran off thinking,

What did i do wrong?,


did I not give enough?,


I have another boyfriend now,

I love him very  much,

And I’m glad I get to call him mine,



You ruined my favorite songs,

Specifically water fountain,

When it is sung I think of you,

I hate read your love notes,

Where you told me,

I was the only girl for you,

They reopen old feels,

I can not hug you without wanting to kiss you,

So i push myself away,

You tell me your sorry,

That you still love me,

That you can’t love anyone like you love me,

But it still hurts,

It’s been 7 months,

And it still hurts,

You can not take back what you did,

So your sorrys mean nothing,


You see I’d tell you to die,

But I don’t wanna waste my breathe wishing


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