Finally I've come to this realization 

That you've never planned on staying 

Even with all of your dedication 

You're hard work was merely you playing 

You Studied my heart like you were doing meditation 

And you Swallowed my love like daily medication

... Had me choked up on the dick like suffocation.

When you were planning your way out on all of our days in.


Even at the Days Inn.. 

...all the times we spent with our eyes gazing..

This shit is amazing.. 

how can you enter my life with both guns blazing?!...

Aiming for my soul with no L.E.D

But somehow

if you were a blind man you'd still find your way to my B.E.D

I get it now...


I was what they call easy..

All you had to do was touch me.... 

and tease me 

that wasn't the case, I was a little foxy but You didn't think that you would have to brown nose me.


When my ass was in the air did you have at least one single care?

Any fucks to give that after you leave me I'd still have to figure out how to


When you needed bail and I took from my kids, did you not see then that my love was valid?



One thing I learned is that them tables always turn..

Life rotates, life never waits, 

Hardships penetrate...

can't please everyone so instead you masturbate.


I said lemme put myself in his shoes..

Dress like a lady but act like a dude.

Sleep with that nigga whenever you want to.

No shame!

Make that nigga leave when you're done;

Shit I came

My heart is frozen, no more feelings no emotions..

Who's next? 

Cause Now i got game. 



This poem is about: 
Our world


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