I had to take a year off to understand my assignment

But now I'm back to tell you my journey

I had to go through rocks and puddles just to get where I am


Excuse my French

To the lady that was in a relationship and her nigga decided to hit up a little cutie

Doing it behind closed doors and key boards

She don't have a degree, but specializes in being a top spy

Peep game that was played without her being the assistant coach

He played with players that left him after half time

But half of the time he left the only player that never left him


So fuck that nigga and dont worry

Something better is happening

Behind closed doors and not through a keyboard

Excuse my French

Don't fuck with me if you really not go fuck with me and just trying to fuck me

Going through dating sites and social media just to have a boy to talk to

I connect to not be connected

To be called a baby and not being a baby is crazy

I connect with you just to hear you call me a lil sis

But you're still trying to sex me like a old player could


Having to drop hoes because I don't like niggas with a deep stroke and no goals

Casual conversation and 5 year plans

Not a man trying to have casual conversation and a one night stand

Relationships goals is what I want to make

And not to be

So fuck who ever swiped right and not left when he seen you

Because casual conversation and big dick is not is only the minimum

Excuse my French

Touching yourself touch yourself because you want to explore

Making it rain on a towel and airing out your night of a whore

Watching porn to start up you car

Making it roar by sliding your hand in the direction like tires grinding against the axle

Not knowing a one time thing is a every night thing

Trying to stop but can't because you like the way it feel

You come to the site to come and imagine

Leave your sin in the night so the morning can be a distraction

To your role play and 4 play in the night

So fuck porn and bitches who ride dick for money with no morals

Sleep with a dry conscientious and wake up with a morning pleasure

Excuse my French

This is what I went through

Who will tell the story better than what I can


So live from me and don't make the same mistakes

Living a double life is not easy as living a life how you really want to

Live once so live it once with one too many mistakes

Except for these my baby I pray.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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