What is a promise really? Words. Words that are twisted and bent. Words you say to someone, whether you mean them or not. These words are dipped in sugar and wrapped in ribbons. They can save lives, or tear them apart. But what does that really mean?

           People say it’s terrible to break a promise. But what if you have to? Something not many people understand is that people can change, but never overnight. Someone can promise to help someone, but what if they don’t want it?

                          Not everyone can keep a secret. So what happens when they tell? As hard as it is keep things from people, it becomes ten times worse when they promise against them. It can destroy a person to hide away behind coated words and pretty sounds.

                                         Sometimes a promise is exactly what a person needs. But they might be asking what could be impossible from some people.

                                                        And the worst part is that they will never notice, because those people are hiding their tears and sorrow through the words on a screen.

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