Exigent Case

A game, it started with,
To meet your lover in it was a myth.
The meeting was probably a coincidence,
Now it actually makes sense.
I met half of my identity,
One I've been searching for since infinity.
The early exchange of a few words was enough to get my trust,
Then he lied to me but my trust didn't rust.
He gave me his,
But I lied and it didn't end in bliss.
I was so sure of myself before,
But since then I didn't want his perception of me to change, therefore,
I lied and made stories,
All to cover up what would cause furies.
I instead ended up doing the same,
Now I live my whole life bowing my head in shame.
For weeks we struggled to mend the broken,
But I know months it will take due to so much having been shaken.
I'm a mess in everything,
and screw up just about anything.
This time I want to make this happen so badly,
I want his trust back desperately.
There is a price and only time will cure,
My ardent lover and this exigent case that is impure.


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