68 weeks and 5 days

68 weeks and 5 days. This is the time I spent loving you. The people we confused. The holidays we celebrated together. The movies we watched. The first kiss we shared. The drives we took together. The dates we went on. The secrets I told you. The late nights on the couch making out to the background noise of the tv. The tears I cried onto your shoulder. The school dances we went to. the trips that went on. The pictures we took.The birthdays we shared. The hugs that lasted forever when I was about to leave. The days I spent missing you while I was gone. The hugs that we shared when I finally got home. The many firsts that I had with you. Wasn't enough. Wasn't enough to stop your wandering eyes. wasn't enough to stop your wandering hands. Wasn't enough to stop you from lying. I gave you Every chance in the world to tell the truth and I never got it from you. In the end the only thing you gave me were excuses for things that are inexcusable. But let's look at the positives here. I have the satisfaction of knowing I did everything right and you did everything wrong.You shattered my trust and I don't give that lightly. Most people would hate you if you did this to them but I don't hate you.  I'm thankful for you. We were good for each other. you taught me things about myself. You taught me how to hold my ground. You taught me to be vulnerable. You taught me to accept the things I can't change. You taught me to change the things I can. You taught me to always strive to reach my goals. You taught me how to make things work with another person. But most importantly you taught me when to let go. Thank you for teaching me the hardest lesson I've ever learned.


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