Storm and Scarlet


Your generalizations on girls
Could be a hidden truth of
My worth to you,
But in your eyes I spot
Total opposite of these "hidden truths".
Your worth to me seems
So much higher than my
Worth to you,
But is it that it's less in volume,
Or staggering in presentation?

Disgusted deflowering her:
Revealed it to me but neglected
To unveil such to her.
What should be a lovely phenomenon
Is tattered at the edge
like a bookmarked page.
Was your pursuit for instant gratification
Or is it that you failed the Storm?

So long ago I was coined the worst:
Yes, swindling on my part
But my wrong: you have forgiven.
What was once a calm breeze of snow
Became an unlikely blizzard
That eradicated the strong brick fortress.
Was this statement out of fiery anger
Or were you too heated for Scarlet flames?


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