A Year later: The Catastrophy

Dear the person who took my heart,

Once upon a time, there was a girl and a guy who had very paranoid ideas about meeting people.

Why wouldn't they hurt me? How could they possibly be interested in someone like me? You couldn't respect me.

We got ourselves into a deep hole.

A bottomless, black hole just as your soul, you see.

A hug started it all.

An innocent act of respect.

You pushed me beyond what most consider falling.

Love is a tainted concept, it can persuade you to turn your head against neglect.

I thought you loved me.

But you left, shortly after you promised we would be each other's last hug, last breath.

You left because she was better than me.

Her and the girl before her and before her.

I guess I should've clung a little tighter, prayed a little harder.

The only theory we should've been discussing is the one that caused my heart to flea into your body, even a year later.



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For me, I didnt see the red flags until after he broke my heart. Was it the same for you?


Unfortunately so my dear.

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