Over come with sadness my hearts in the air and no one to really share with what is complexing my mind and bottling my eyes confusing my heart to believe I have nothing good left in me nothing but 3 6 spirits left in me minus the 1 spirit God put in me , my world has changed from what I once knew it , when I once called it , from when I once lived it , I no longer feel an existence I'm breathing but I'm not living , my mind is on a battle field of tricks , turn and hits that burn I grew thinking I was meant to make my reality happen when in reality it's open game for any possibility to manifest in cause life has its way of changing at any given moment! As the catchy phrase "YOLO" just turned into "OH NO!!" what have I just done for every minute lost every eye glance crossed I can't take it back because now his dirty secret facts have become my awful unknown facts that's now written across your back because you have no idea of what has been passed what has just conspired what has just concluded cheating spouses secrets that has spread and transpired!


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