Modern Adultery

Europa, Io, and Semele 

Three took part in a marriage disassembly. 

Zeus played his wife like a chess piece. 

He visited clubs, went downtown, and attended rancid parties.

The university they attended together overflowed with fraternities and sororities.

Europa on sixth street, Io dancing the night away

Semele dressed in a makeshift toga with a red cup clasped in her hand

All three caught the young eye of Zeus,

Who forgot about Hera, a young woman who remained loyal, 

And he went down sixth street,

Danced the night away,

Drank until he fell in the arms of a young woman, 

In a makeshift toga,

with a red plastic cup clasped in her hand. 

Zeus, a modern story of adultery.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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