Thu, 11/08/2018 - 02:22 -- 1939

You know what?
I'm tired of the bullshit
Oh you wanna talk?
Maybe I'd have time if I wasn't I fed up
Always mouthing off
About how you this and that, not!
You always on this hype
But what your dissing is just what you're like!
Said I needed time
You Couldn't leave me alone
And know I'm right
I'm over the ridiculousness and through listening, damn
Shut the fuck up with your contradictory whines
Keep keeping it up
I'mma run up with the PD and their K9's!
Get the fuck out with your gainsay
There's no room for a hypocritical, over-zealous, demanding ass in my fucking life fucking anyway
I ain't one to really much negotiate
Motherfucker, wait
Never mind, that was your pops calling
He said don't mind coming home
Cause you're a disappointment and he's ashamed
after all you're the definition of fake
And I'm tired of what you have to say
These mothers are talking about their feelings
But I don't see them showing

You are always preaching
what is wrong and right
You treat me shitty
It makes me hate life
I want a man
That will treat me right
So far they're hard to find
Love is hard to come by

We've all got problems
About race and religion
We wouldn't have so many
If people minded their own damn business
If people didn't think we all have white privilege
We've all got problems
About the way we are feeling
You wanna change
You just dont know where to go
Looking for ways to explain
Always coming back to ' I just don't know '
We've all got problems
About the way we are living
Like the things you don't say out in public
Your Ways of being raised
Are being changed
I'm sick of all this fucking government
The fuck you say?
Oh no you didn't
Fucking sickening
Shred a couple waves
Wait for high tide
I got another headache
You caused it
I'm stressin and flexin
Yet my reality is having an earthquake
God is trying to teach me how to count my blessings
Cause without a higher purpose
What are you really here for?

There's one round
Cause there's no room for two
Fuck this, fuck that
Not gonna backtrack
You need to go your way
Cause I'm going mine
And Dont try to make up
You had to have what you wanted
Now it's what you're paying for
So don't you whine about having a taste of your own medicine

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