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It's a long shot Some David and Goliath shit If Goliath were a whole damn city And everyone bet on David losing And David showed up to the fight refusing     But I'll do it
CHILD Child is something warm to hold Child is something more often than not you have to scold Child is happiness Child is tears Child is someone who needs you to calm its fears Child is play
Sweet child, within you, sparrows sing blooms Each day like protocoled steps will lead you  Down Heaven’s aisle of tapping awe and cool
Is that really us? What happened to our graphic tees? The white tube socks? Do we always cuff our jeans now? How do you make it look that neat? We never really do neat Or I guess we never used to.
They say our generation tries to grow up too fast  But we live in a world where we are to live to others’ expectations and grow up.   
When just a child the poet's mom said "Son,Throughout your life beware the sin of pride.Remember this when every day is done,What counts the most is who you are inside.".
He awakens to a day of hopeafter happy day of birthattended by smiling parents proudwho know his priceless worth.He awakens to a day of hopelying restless on his bumafter one move that surprises him
Where my tears not good enough did my pain not feed u enough did the screams not release your hatred did your fake sentiment fix the wounds you gave me
Girl child thou art accursed! Tears dug ravines in the hollow of your cheeks Every moment you reminisced About the sadness that you felt Your mind awash with nightmares Nightmares of the man devoid of the eyes
Today we are so small at 10-10 Today we are also young at 20-20 Don't worry what'll happen at 30-30 Haven't we heard life begins at 40-40 Responsibilities don't end at 50-50 Never believe that life ends at 60-60
Children are supposed to play, Not spend so much time wondering why they've been betrayed. At what age should a child be able to define dismay? How young is too young for a child to learn to hate?
Remember that time you tried to hurt me? That day when you put your hands on me? That day when you took away what was once so precious? What possessed you to rip away the soul of a child? That kid was so innocent.
She went to the park today, like she does everyday Her hair is in pigtails, her hair is finally long enough for them She asked to go to the zoo later, she loves those animals Her smile can light up any room  
Making a child and leaving her be Is like digging a hole without planting the tree We can see your idea What you thought you might do But then changed your mind so you can start something new
Who could have known that dimpled elbows and clumsy steps would birth wonderment. 
These hands. These hands hold so much. These hands can hold the world, a heart, the power. So much counts on these hands, your hands, and yours.
You are the tiniest blossom blossomed inside of me  Your roots so deep in the dark recesses of the soul   You are the blossoming  of a new season an entirely new spring
From blacking out on tipsy nights, To never feeling quite alright. It took some time to actually realize, What's been happening before my eyes.   Why am I sleeping in every night?
Smoke to ease the pain away just for a little bit My brain moving at the speed of light I be thinking ‘bout some real shit The feelings of depression falling over my shoulders with that blanket feeling
When I was young, each day was so incredibly filled with possibility.Each moment burst with fresh emotion so bright and furious that it burned out all feelings prior to it.
I was a kid with fear residing inside me, My biggest fear was my grandma. Mostly children love their grandma, But I hated her & was afraid of her, And my biggest worry was to face her.
Dear Josiah I'm sorry for what I did   I thought I only had one choice, But it's my fault I didn't have a bigger voice.   The times were fast and no one was there
I was strange/ Books and papers were my pleasure/ Unlike the kids who wanted treasure that one could not afford/   The shelves overflowed with my stories/
Maid of the Yonder, I call upon your brilliance of hope. Eyes bright like the sparkles of the sea, Lost in memory, stumped in desperation- May this song appease the tears you hold.
Right now, There is a child born, Opening its eyes for the first time, Taking in the light of a world it has not yet explored, Breathing in the air that encases it’s small and helpless body,
Looking up into a summer’s midnight sky is like gazing into a blanket of diamonds. It’s beautiful and breath-taking… Stars scatter across the endlessness like pixie dust. I am only a child.
I remember like yesterday, the year 2002, At three years old, there was so much I never knew. I thought DisneyWorld was on a cloud in the sky,
The older you get the more callous you become Yet magic started for me at 23, Balloons and bubbles were a thing at 30 At 60, my heart became wide open ratting me out for every feeling; little tattle tale.
When you claim to not be a child, it's like Saying you can breath underwater or see through walls: Only a child thinks that. But to say an adult cannot be a child
Adulting   Adult is a four letter word. It’s more dangerous than others Because it denotes segregation Between the old and young,
Long ago, as a child, Life struggles were simple. The struggle of not doing what I wanted. What a surprise when I grew up! Adults can do what they wish,
    I grew up hearing All that I’ve missed- ‘Cause I still hadn't hadMy very first kiss. So I came up with a plan-
Sitting at the edge of the warm, welcoming bed Watch the shadows creep their way under to door. Those fearful eyes, latching at their nonexistent movement
My short, silky pigtails were brushing through the wind while you pushed me on the swings, since my little legs couldn’t swing myself.
When I realized I was filled with shock. It had never before occured to me that, I was no longer a child.   I had sought the concept of being a grown up for as long as I could remember.
I lived three years on a dusty trundle bed, In a small room. A lock on the window.   I would cry myself into dreams shroud in dust.
It was the Thanksgiving of last year   I was with family and peers.   When my uncle came up to me and asked,   "Have you decided on your college yet?"  
My secret sister, softly whisper now to sweep away old memory and cry a bouncing chubby babe on momma's lap stay far away from florid dreams of lies
I realized that I was no longer a child when I knew the moment my parents were about to fight. I knew my best option was to gather my things and sit at the farthest room from them.
bright striped leggings and rubber boots outside but inside something much darker   something she has seen
As a kiddie, school was cool, My teacher rolled on her stool. But this wasn't about school, It’s about my trips like a fool.
Am I tainted now? I’m asking out of curiosity. My darling, sweet child of mine, Don’t blame yourself for this act of atrocity. A twisted man crossed the line,
It was just the fall of October when the skies were still sleepy The sun had pulled its blankets, yet the naked trees looked creepy Amongst the golden rays lies a mysterious yet recognizable shadow
The spider had crawled in from the depths of the unknown The girl, seeing the creepy crawler, screamed to her bones Oh, wait a minute! Amongst the shadows in the dark Lies a man as strong as a shark
"The important thing in life is to let the years carry us along." Federico Garcia Lorca, Yerma"   This evening I press my ear to your chest, hear the ocean's waves and laughing gulls
At thirteen, I needed school clothes Friends Braces Likes on my facebook posts a bike a boy to like me the best halloween costume the world had ever seen  
you carried me. you fed me. you lifted me. you let me grow. i grew away from you. i saw other things, i got caught up in it. you struggled. your eyes bled tears,
I have grown more emotion, as I fill my empty void with memories. My childhood has been replaced with the deep though of death. I've said goodbye 1 to many times. Please don't haunt me my dear sister.
All I wanted... I’m just tryna make it through I’m just tryna make a better way  I’m just trying to see you through Nobody knew the pain, all they seen is what they wanted
I hear the sound of water,      gurgling, flowing, breathing with life The sound of water slapping stones,      pushing past the verdant reeds I hear the water join the song of a child,
I’m afraid of spiders their hairy legs and relentless fangs Afraid of the tallest heights looking down from the stairs As if they are a 200 foot skyscraper
  Dear Women who have seen their darkest days,   The lights buzzed, as machines hissed, while this little one graciously empties from your womb.
  Hey! I’ve realized that You are a Venn diagram, but You would never tell me that. Hm.    
Dear Unnamed,     I listen to "Over the Rainbow” its tropical tunes carry my thoughts-- The backseat of our red station wagon
A sky abound with Sun untoldClouds and tears of ages old,A curl of childs hand upraisedTo skies unbound, the Moon unfold.
Dear Future Child, Life is not easy, you are going to get kicked in every direction. You will get lost, you will get confused, and you will not know what to do.
Dear Mom,     I notice you.     I notice the wrinkles that grew on your face,     the back pain when you walk up the stairs,
Dear Mother,  Hello, I just wanted to say you aren't a mother.  I mean a mother couldnt do what you did to me could she?  You left me in the streets so you can get high. 
Dear mom,    I try so hard to forget you exist though i cant help but remember the way you drank your beer or lit your cigarette or introduced me to a new boyfriend
Little one don't even try To rid yourself of sin Little one just live your life Sweet child of the nephilim Little one please keep in mind The way you treat your fellow kin Little one be fair and kind
Breathe in... Breathe out... Swallow the threatening tears down. They have no place here now. Breathe in... Breathe out... Inhale past the tightness and knots inside.
Too much to take, too much to give Too aware to die, too aware to live. Too white, too black, too inbetween. Too loud, too quiet, too asleep to dream. Too good, too bad, too broken to try.
Take the child Break the child Then fix her up with glue. Her parts will heal But she won't feel She doesn't have a clue. Take the child Make the child Then wash her clean of shame.
Did a good heart get you far As simple as it seems Did a good mom get you sharp As simple as her seams   Did a good heart feed your soul Or did it starve you to death
  I lost my life to a familiar face, He went by the name, Past. He shot me down with bitter memories. He poisoned me with lies.
He was a child when he figured out his life plan. Heartbreaker. Maybe he know his future occupation would consist of broken Tears seamlessly Streaming
In first grade, I was the bright girl with almond eyes,My eyes quite brown, even amber in the sunrise, My skin always tan, bronze from summers of swimming,And the endless hiking,    
Shafts of light shatter the morning skyBeyond the horizon, black clouds loom    Juxtaposed seriously  The effervescence of dew shines underfootThe mellifluous patter of feet    Working harmoniously 
(How Rumpelstiltskin came to be, and then, how he came not to be)   Not too long ago, and not so far away a boy sat alone watching other kids play. He went to great ends
They're a good heart mixed with baking full of joy, those two Their love is always for the taking Granted, is the life that was given But many lessons they gave implanted were they and not ridden.
Well, I squeak and I switched when I saw them coming, They are about to bruise me again, And they caught up with me, What have I got to say? It's a world so cold when you're living with the harsh one,
Like a little kid When the lights go out My soul is dark and scary This there is no doubt My brain wages a war it cannot face
Yesterday you were but   a seed in your forefather’s mind.    Love, continue growing. 
I saw you, Once in a dream, twice with a scream. You stood there watching, Praying. Waiting. I was there playing, Singing, hoping. Like fairies on a flower, We danced on short legs,
Mommy, look at me, look what I can do.Say any word and I'll spell it, I'm smart just like you. I'm sorry I was bad. You hate me? Is that true?I promise I'll be better, Mommy, tell me what to do.
Dear Daughter,   The strange man who you called father was only looking to bruise you at night  
The autumn air has become thick Filled with fear and desperation What was once home Has become Hell on earth Destruction rapes the surface While the sky explodes with fire
Sitting in the dark Listening to them yell I watch from the stairs This is my hell Am I the reason? That they always fight What did I do? That causes this every night
Mom always writes in uppercase I watch her in repose, The phone in the nape of her neck still sighing Like a helpless long-necked rose.
He ran freely around his backyard fighting the dragons and monsters with his imagination. Knowing if he uses the sword that Daddy made for him it will protect him from anyone and anything.
How are you doing? Are you sleeping well? Did you eat well? Do you have enough clothes? Do you have enough to spend? Do you need anything?  
Going through the motions of endless time There was nothing else to do but cry She had left so suddenly 8 years of cancer eating away at her bones She left one springy May day
Opening with a false  A lie for truths, Isn’t that us all? Im cold and sweaty but this time I’m ready Lying here amongst my thoughts
When anguish tugs down on the corners of my mouth and fastens itself stubbornly in my throat I just remember this marvelously refreshing feeling:
Could someone bring back, My innocent childhood days? Even today on roadside, I break stones with hammer, In the scorching sun.
He holds onto me Even when I loosen my hold on Him He holds onto me Even when I feel I'm letting go   My hand's sweaty with fear Worn with temptations Disjointed with pride
I never understood what she saw in you Your heavy brow and cold eyes and your rapacious disposition
I come home early like you said I should, But you stare at me like I intrude. This is my home too mother. So stop treating me like I am a bother.   Why do you forget that I am just a kid?
I wonder what the first thing you touched was When you escaped the womb Besides your mother and father Any other family members Doctors and other trinkets that assist Or are given in the hospital  
I remember when I wrote my first poem. I was 8 years old. I had just processed the loss of my father. I had never before felt so alone So hurt So empty So lost.
I hail from a tribe of giants. Men AND women each grand In size and heart and mind. Titans who built the world up  And gave it greatness.   I hail from a clan of giants. Four brothers-
Hidden beauty lingers, often we can not see, What the colours show so daintily, When the children play among the swings, And the red-haired angels fly with those feathered wings, Oh, how I love the thoughts in mind,
I’ve always lived  as though the Lord can give  and can take away. I try not to cling to things of this world  not a person, place,  or possible possession is so important that my world would
I'll be with you forever  Of course you will Daddy, we'll always be together I'll always help you when you are sad  I know Daddy. You ALWAYS make me feel glad
Ten little fingers, ten little toes, How did I survive without you, I'll never know. One look into your eyes and I can see all that lies ahead of me Happiness, kisses, love, and hugs
It was love At first site   So vulnerable So resilient So powerful   She has my eyes She has his smile She is rain On parched earth   She has his wild temper
She clutched the broken objects, Held them to her chest. They constantly mocked her life, Called it a mess. But they couldn’t see the tears,
I heard the hurricane  Felt the air pressure change Terrified for my crouching child Holding her as tight as I could Blocking her from danger As my master cracks his whip
I heard the hurricane  Felt the air pressure change Terrified for my crouching child Holding her as tight as I could Blocking her from danger As my master cracks his whip
Where would I be Without you, without me Without breath, without death Where would I be If you hadn't said yes If it had been a different day Where would I be
This isn't me I am out here I am not here This body I don't know Whose it is   He came in daylight He came as a friend He came as a game That I didn't know
Like a child, I will believe every word you say no matter how ridiculous it may sound.  And every time someone tries to convince me otherwise I will interupt them with "but my Daddy said..."
"You Motherfucker" She said as she let the darkness within her That she suppressed and kept hidden for so long, awaken. Rendering him powerless  with every word she spoke.
her hair is long her eyes green behind her smile suffering is seen   her hands are shaky, for they have stood the test of time I am my mother's daughter and I am blessed to call her mine
The night was dark     The shadows darker     As they danced on the walls     They sang of a story     Of a young boy     And writhed in the pain of it all   
One in three adolescents are victims of cyber bullying. Now I don’t mean to belittle, but i’ve never understand cyber bullying because your eyes are your choice and you can turn away.
She lies on a colorless bed, remaining silent Her chest rises and falls softly, the rest of her body motionless Strange, bulky machines occasionally beep, randomly stirring the silence So young, so innocent
A female reflection of the man who is half of me. Created in love she says I was so why do you act angry with me? Mom, why are you sad? I am here now just as you have asked Daddy gave you what you wanted, Me
Sometimes the hardest thing is not being sick. Watching the world drag by from a second story window, too far away for anyone to notice, too separated for anyone to care.
 within me lies the wisdom gained by realizing i'm a fool - 10/27/1995 2:43am - kenneth p rougeau jr
A child weak, soft like youth Is a lion of eye and tooth In dreams that trickle down like sand, Down a clock, tick-tock the hand, And whisper sweet litanies upon the head
I am... I am my father's daughter I am his patience, I am his kind spirit I am his athlete, I am his social butterfly I am my mother's daughter I am her sensitivity, I am her best friend and she is mine
I am a child Who needs toys, to know she’s loved, coloring books Who loves her mom and dad, school, baby dolls Who sees stickers, scraped knees, birthday parties Who fears spiders, heights, time out
*This poem was inspired by Teva Mayer's "Autumn's Child."  I loved it so much that I decided to write about his playmate.*  
SHE'S A STAROnce a young girlFull of hopes and dreamsBig wants and desiresBut no one to encourage herOn how to make it a reality
A little girl with big blue eyes Running through a field of flow’rs Her long blonde hair done up in curls Dancing out in April show’rs
I loved days like these.
round, starry, sponge eyes, burst under spiderweb lashes. dark scrapes on the knee make war paint from life's crashes.   full, furry eyebrows, tattooed with a crayola green,
Shelter or imprisonment? Concealed behind the levees, the barriers, the walls promising the safety of an ignorant child.
March 25 2012 When I was 6 years old I lost something It wasn’t just anything Not something that can be replaced at a store Not a thing But a who, At just six years old I lost my father,
¿Dónde está papá, el final del libro de cuentos?[1] The weathered one—The one that cascades a waterfall of shimmery glitter,
The world became a better place on the day when you were born.But on the day of your death, it was like the pricking of a thorn.You guest starred in Happy Days, Fantasy Island, Our House and Chips.
You were born in December of 1975.It's a shame that you didn't survive.You were a great actress, one of the very best.It's not surprising that you became a success.
It was a fact that you were sweet and that you were very cute.You were adorable, that's something that people won't dispute.While you were eating lunch in the MGM Commissary, you were discovered.
You died at the young age of twelve in 1988.Your death was something everybody would hate.You died of Cardiac Arrest that was caused by Intestinal Stenosis.You were a very pretty and talented girl, everybody knows thia.
To worship you, God I live to worship you In spirit and in truth I live to lift you high In love and adoration I live to love you fully Convinced of your love for me Eternally encompassed
Violence would have saved me. A thought I struggle to comprehend. It were the words that degraded me, broke me down, they wrapped around my neck. "Piece of shit" "worthless" "a mistake"
  Midwest farm raised Sweet honeysuckle by the fence-line
I wasn't the only one playing dress-up I ventured into my mother's closet And entered a new world
Kite grasped within a child's gripThin string suddenly slipsLost past burnt finger tips.Once was so dear, no long hadDevoured by blue quick sand.To the nothing reaches desperate, empty hands.
In the passing heat of the ephemeral spring Beneath the sound of interstate  Atop decrepit track of neglected railroad Surrounded by walls of painted wisdom Of littered art Of withered graffiti 
*/ /*-->*/ We all Want More. One more Job One more Friend One more Dollar One more Life
The flowers were around me Like pink tissue paper Guarding a presant From eager eyes. But this presant wasn't nail polish, Lip gloss or barbie dolls, It wasn't mudpies, Or beebee guns for guys.
Look up
1 mississippi, 2 mississippi, 3 mississippi, 4 mississippi, 5 mississippi. I just wasted 5 seconds of my life. 6 mississippi, 7 mississippi, 8 mississippi, 9 mississippi, 10 mississippi.
I remember the morning I was riding my tricycle
"Not weedless, but beautiful," Says the gardener of her flowers. "Not eternal, but sturdy," Says the builder of his house. "Not worth a million dollars, but priceless." Says the artist of her work.  
My shoes stepped onto the land filled with falling snow,                         My blondish hair shined in the cold day,                 My brown eyes, stare at a wondering crow,                     
I demand change. In these twisted, damaging days. Where women are afraid to leave for work for fear of merciless rape Where people of color  cannot receive a fair wage
The August air is warm, thick, simmering, Stained with blood lost. Torn tendons pound, hollow and rusty, Echoing and reflecting off the chestnut siding, As one lacking in words but always craving attention.
I still believe  in the Boogey Man.   His image has changed throughout the years. His claws are now stress, digging into my skin, pulling out my hair.   His eyes glow yellow,
How can I face the world When monsters roam 'round? This world is so blurry, And I'm making no sound.   These monsters are huge Much greater than I But as I stand scared
Don't look now, child The world has gone to war They don't care that you're just a child To them, you're one soldier more. - Those aren't gunshots you hear now Those aren't dying screams
Hush little Baby Mamas here hush little Baby theres nothing to fear
I`m standing in the dark "kiss it" he tells me it`s my parent`s restroom he`s standing between me and the door he`s looming and I am alone "kiss it." louder this time
We'll always remember our youth, our careless and reckless acts. We'll always remember our childish loves,
In the middle of the night
My beautiful little girl, From the moment I knew you were, I couldn’t think straight anymore. To know that my soul had found
I am a child born into hate and despair I wander alone with no one to care No one loves me You are a child born out of love I'm always right here, is that not enough? Child, I love you
 I am happy to be angry so I smile Yea I was angry, cause my dad left my mom.
You are the monster under my bed.
She cries waking up at night Just wanting her mom or her dad She twists and she turns Just wiggling around She wants to be held Cuddled real close she likes that the most Having me there to hold
They all stared and laughed as I entered school that day Teen mom they said with a chuckle and a grin Ha your life will suck, they repeated again and again But I ignored the words that brought the pain
I am a Child of the Universe Full with empathy Laying on the naked heart pulsating through the Earth Erupting at the core   I am a Child of the Universe Patching the scarred tissue
“This is the way the world endsThis is the way the world endsThis is the way the world endsNot with a bang but a whimper” T.S. Eliot – Hollow Men
I found my long lost twin in France. Hanging in an art museum. She is pale with long curly red hair. Like me.  She is a goddess, born out of a shell from the sea. Not like me.
 It starts with the first hint of darkness.
Ode to Arizona on a Hot Summer's DayWritten by Adam M. SnowOh sweltering is summer's day of bliss,
Many will never Discover the simple things That make life complete
Things I want my daughter to know - feel comfortable and confident going a day without makeup. A day when you have errands to run or have to stop into work for a bit. 
All children grow up All but one A boy who never grows up best friends with a fairy a tinkering fairy Tinkerbell Oh how overly jealous she can be  her bells a ringing a tune
People wonder what my problem is
Does it matter that I come from a poor family, or that I am bi-racial? Does it matter that I went to private school, on tuition assistance?
Criss Cross Knock it off Save me the pity   Ding Dong Poof me gone Plenty of us are broken   Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot Threw my confidence over the moon 
  The Magic is gone, I said As I looked up at the kingdom Tiered like a cake with its blue and white frosting I stood there, I stared The magic no longer lived there   Pavement painted black
Sunset settles on the east As the sky darkens Stars twinkle While tine slows downs Owls awaken Yet, birds fly south Heart beats And I stay still waiting waiting waiting
Close your eyes, my dear. Let the breeze from the window tickle across your cheeks and flutter your eyes till you fall asleep. The day has been long, you have been strong, wrestling through the weeds,
There is a yard And a great tall tree Instructing what to draw and write There is a fence of chain Between the lilacs and me There is a garden That only grows dirt
It is summer again.
It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this to you. I want to start off by saying I'm sorry, I'm sorry for allowing misconceptions to seep into your mind, Destroying your future.
wakeup; work work; school school;homework homework;sleep a glimpse into the life of this single parent. Single you ask, simple i reply, the man i chose to lay with,
They call me a gift That when I was born i saved their life That Nikolas has left  6 months after the tragedy That I was born with a responsibility That I should be a light   Here I am now,
Now, I don't want this poem to be thrown in a big pile of others with a similar meaning. I want whoever hands this lands in to understand what i'm saying and feel what they're reading.
The point of this is to be heard Among a crowd, one reads my word My story and struggle one must listen
How can we forget, the endless times we cried because we were full of regret, We never meant to say the things we said, it was in the moment and we needed to clear our head, intentially no,
My child’s name is not Disability He is perfect in my eyes Able to do anything Limits beyond the skies  
Every tear 
One mistake, will you ever let me forget it... Understood what was done was wrong Understood this was a disappointment to you. But hey let’s think of it this way, What else is new? So hard to please,
After being told I could not bare a child, by God's good grace I was blessed with a miracle. How could this tiny human being be growing inside of me? Oh, how do I wonder?  
I feel as if we are a family of trees with no water Slowly dying from being so dry and broken down When is the sky going to be bright and yet full of darkness for a shower to bat us?
Green and red and blue eyes wild, Darkness and light and spinning breezes, The laughter of a fairy child, And the words of the toy the child squeezes.   The fae dance and twirl among the trees,
If I could live free
Abandoned. Left alone to face the rest of the world, It’s okay I guess, I’m used to it by now. They found me years ago.   Screaming from inside an abandoned apartment, Starving,
This house is quiet for it knows The little horrors it’s seen the lows Although there are some happy days There are more memories that curl the toes   The little girl stops and lays
You treat water better than your own blood.I might as well be mudAm I a disappointment to you?I don't feel our relationship is trueBirth certificate says your my motherBut seems like your just another
  No one here could heal this hurt because this hurt burns deep like the earth's core, boiling up inside of me. The rage in my veins is a deadly venom that was caused by your lies and deceit.
Gone gone gone away ran ran ran away from here away from here darling i know you are afraid but please please try to stay stay here your Childs right here and she says she said she loves you
Drugs and Rock n' Roll Live the counterculture life  Be the flower child
I’m wrapped up tight within my sheets Behind my curtains blows a gust Up and down the lonely streets   Calm my heart, this I must As the shadows find me still In gentle dreams can I trust?  
Never have I known a love so strong I did not now I needed you I did not know I had been waiting on you for so long From the day I first saw you And every day then on I held you and I loved you
My Father always asks me, "What makes a man, a man?" and I'm never able to answer because I simply know I cant.
Fairies, Flying high, Twinkling, twirling, and teasing.   These tricksters know what they’re doing They like to fool you And they will.   Laughing as you give them what they want,
If I could change something  what would I do? Would I make a new building or create a zoo? No I would change something more important The life of a child One who is unspoken
Holy Spirit creating enlightening changing the world 
We live in a world where we dont need to get to know someone Cause' we're able to judge.
Every time I turn on the news, a family, a person, a life is bruised.
Oh my goodness this gun weighs a ton Too much weight gave me a strain; I wonder why I have this gun   At last, we have the enemy on the run 
  I watch from the front porch
Young mothers are foolish Young mothers are whores Young mothers are helpless They've closed all their doors Young mothers are stupid They can not suceed And when they ask for help 
Progress does not come without struggle,that is what my mom would say.So changing the world wouldnt be easy,take it day by day. They teach you God, Family, then Future
You don't want your child? That's not your choice. You made that.  How can you look at her face  And deny her? She's your blood Your legend.   What has the world come to?
For every child that cries at night, Rewind back to your own early times, Every laugh you laughed, every song you sang, Every child should experience the same.  Do not all children dance joyously, you say?
I wish you had told me sooner That you would be leaving me I know you have your duties but I Your daughter Deserved a say in the matter I watch the news I see the deaths
Solar Flares and Moon Beams All we hear are the children's screams, Calling out for mom and dad,
Feelings of sadness.
a little girl just barely three, sits reading beneath a tree, the other kids scamper and run around, that poor little girl dares not make a sound, she turn the page and blocks it all out, Hamlet,
run from the wind the shore, the sea from the traitors of men and the locks and the keys. sprint from the castles the horses, the knights from the crown on the head and the storm within sight.
Twas the night before my operation whilst eating my meal,in a moment it hit me and it seemed all too real,my Plate, it sat empty, hard, white and cold,while my kin heaped theirs high with colors so bold.
Eyes cast toward the windowUnseeingPretending to gaze outward, downwardAt patchwork buildings and trafficUnheard through hospital wallsYet you remember the soundLike the blood rushing through your ears
I go to school in a melting pot I thought I was the majority but now I think not I am now the minority at school not that is matters It took me two years to notice it and my brain isn't scattered
I am far removed from my appearance Well behaved child of separate parents Sacrificing for others always Only all done for convenience   Nice because I am naïve Yet nice gets me what real doesn’t
  The long, luscious curls of innocence,
  Forever, atleast that’s what you said.
First off, I will start off by saying I’m sorry I don’t know if I actually am  My brain says I ought to be but my heart disagrees  
frostbitten cheeks and a red nose, adorning each child's gleaming face the first snow fall of winter
Hold your children. If you are going to be shitty at least be consistent. The truth is important (but sometime you need to wait until someone asks).
I am a little girl Tucked in bed, sleep tight As moonlight fills my room The pitter patter of rain plays music on my window pane. I try and focus in on the rain, but I can't drown out the yelling
WHY?  The child asks, Mum Why does the sun shine so bright,  WHY is the grass so green, and the water so blue? Mum WHY, WHY Mum WHY? one day you'll know child 
A background noise A slight ringing in your ears Just enough to be annoying But not enough to keep your attention.   Today I decided to climb up the shelves in the closet in your bedroom
Like the running stallion,
There is nothing sadder-- not even the loss of a cherished item, not even the mewing of an abandoned kitten,
I remeber when I was about 6 years old. I hit my forehead at the edge of a glass table it started bleeding and it left a scar. I remember my little sister crying and me telling her it will be okay.
i dream of happier days:before the cell phone,her now-constant companion.before computers, iPods.before she caredabout how she looks.about fitting in,conforming.back when a night light 
Hiding behind my books, slumped over my desk Head down in defeat, as I stumble over each word
when the door closes that's when the clock stop, that's when his mind take control,  to all those who don't know  he's speaking in ways only some will fully know while others stare blankly and you just continue to go no stops or brakes not even a
from being five pounds, with chinky brown eyes beset my brows, and being the size that one could hold in their palm,  the constant boohooing, throwing up, setting my teeth in your flesh, or merely kicking and screaming...
I can't stay away.
Skittles, Multicolored Candy that's Sweet to the Teeth Mingle with blood on the concrete floor Of an innocent boy Whose color didn't match his murderer So why didn't we war On a gluttonous bigot,
Jack stands behind all his friends, waiting for the whistle to blow. He's scared, and wants to go home. He misses his mother and father, and hopes that they are okay. He wants to play Soldier, not be a soldier.
You can never forget. In everything you see, Every where you look, You'll always see me.   Every day, every hour, Every minute, every second, I am there, more haunting Then you reckoned.
Some are afraid of spiders Some are afraid of the dark Some are called irrational Some are called faint-of-heart   Some fear the things they hear Some fear the things they see
The scream filled his  Heart first Then crept up his spine And throat, where it lodged In place. No sound came  From his  Parted lips. No words that Could describe the
A lonely child in the halls, no one knows but he calls, out to someone for help, they all tell him he needs self-help, this kid is gay and that's okay, he doesn't understand what he feels, he starts to skip meals, no one pays attention, he's scare
A girl holding a picture frame covered in beads.100 beads for 100 days.A time to celebrate.Children laughingRunning aroundLearning;Growing.            Something has changed,The smile is gone.
Some advice I consider the bestSurprisingly I got it from Mr. West"If you admire somebody, you should go 'head and tell em'People never get the flowers while they can still smell em'"I met you in my freshmen year
Her tears were almost as rare as her smile Her world of color was stricken with black Her eyes crept with tears as they did      A tactful guile As her face she hid But each time in the corner
Little boy rage, Screwing down puberty plate, An underlining cage, A percent of hate.  
  They walk around scared and when we come near they give us odd stares when really we should be the ones with fear when the coppas roll around the gun us down outta no where
Dark nights where pain resides No where to run, no place to hide A young child, a boy of only five A young child, a boy of only five
The sole of the shoe is burnt brown The body of it is crushed red These shoes pound the ground Running away, looking ahead
I see a light. A bright light. But im not dying. Or am i? With all that i think and all that i do. Did it ever mean anything to me? Or even you? No. It couldnt have. It shouldnt.
It began when a little girl raided through her mother’s old clothing on a rainy, summer afternoon. Boxes and bins began to empty as she set aside only the best and most hopeful of the pieces.
You say that the Civil War ended slavery, Then decry corporations as practicing such, Driving their "employees" into the ground, Hypocritical Much? But as I recall, Over all, Corporations don't chain
I claim I’m lonely But there’s always a figure right beside me Walking by me. Grasping my hand through thick and thin. I failed to apprehend her feelings from within
“There’s nothing wrong with dreaming,”                That’s what I tell my son.A dream can make a day less dreary                and keep an old soul young
  When the blood of kings is shed and the world grows silent, waiting then a single spark of dread breaks the silence of the fighting   When the blood of kings is shed
Our World... Rapacity! Where Men usurp the youth. Men who manifest greed, lust, power Illimiuniting Freud's Id through actions Alas! The youth replicate their Teachers. Cloned as the Men
That light that you see It isn't me. My light is broken there is no way for it to be repaired.
Sometimes I feel like it's all my fault, like I brought this family down. Like I'm the reason mama's always crying,
Pitter Patter on the floor Tiny hands examine the cracked and worn door Tiny hands grab hold of my flustered heart and input fragmented memories A burst of light in the dark Explode out of my soul and into my lungs
mommy, today at scool some kid sad that yu were ugly becuz yu hav scars on yur arms. Dont worry mommy i told him that he waz wrong. yu r butiful. daddy saz that those scarz meen yu r brave
Tears of saddness Fears of abandonment Reckless disobedience Heart broken and unwanted Is anybody out there Life seems so unfair Just when it seems life is going to end You're always there
I'm a child.  I'm curious about everything I see.  I ask too many questions. I have dreams of changing the world. I imagine the unreal and make the most out of simple things.
The kids of the future Havin fun, laughing away Don't know a single damn thing in the world Crys and have someone to hold them Grow to become man or into woman So basic minded!
If i could erase from this world everything that reminded me of you, God would have to take everything back and start from scratch. For the mark you left on my life is so immense, so intricate...
My heart has a story I need to say, I wish to go back to the glory days, I don't want to be here though I dismay, I wish to go back to the glory days.
The kindness in the smile of a little girl. Fearless and free...the world not yet clawing away her freedom to love, sees through eyes as clear as the sea with an embrace as warm as the sun.
Naive not strong, let it dim fleeting out like helpless birds My cage is closed,my heart strong. Inside I will remain forever young.   Deep down inside, my soul, A Cage.
Mama, I know when You look into my eyesYou see him.When my hand reached Over to hold yoursI knew why you never held them tight.My hands were aLittle replica of his.When my little hands
They see pain and suffering all around, And pray to ease the yolk, I see another pack of noodles, And just another bottle of Coke.   They see hypocrites and liars, Fighting for what they know is right,
In every way I let my confidence show/I was able to remember every inch that I grow/Came from the ability to live up to this day/Letting my feet move up another space/Trying not to curve off the path I set for myself/Still clinging to the hope tha
Lines tell stories Lines tell stories. Stories that are made up of twenty-six letters Flipping and flopping are words that we can make out of twenty-six letters
How could you fight the unknown with no remorse? When they are simply… the unknown? Like in wars, or battles How could you go about, scream and shout, over people you have never seen?
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Peek a boo! I laughed so hard I could barely breathe Peek a boo, I don’t know why it’s so funny but I can’t help but laugh
Are you feeling lost? Child of the cross Your good intentions fading Is it you or the world  That is changing?
In a world full of pain and fear she finds peace In a world full of darkness and cold she finds light and warmth In a world full of despair she finds faith   She knows not of the life outside this dark room
We used to play in the forest, The sweet jungle green leaves that released an aroma to lure us into its warming arms                              we hung on  the fallen rippled tree trunks that made something like an open fort,
Beyond the mirror lives a lass.The notion is crass, but she is pretty.Through the mirror I see her.See her dancing,See her singing.See her alone.
I breathe in  Finding myself in a dream Who am I to be on this earth  Write down your troubles, child and all will make sense The dream moves on but nothing has changed Am I alive? Have I truly lived?
My mother is special kind of woman She is no ordinary mother, for her ways Her ways are different, they are unique As she shows love in various ways
One day I found Poetry needed no rhymes So unlike, when the piano clunked, when my sobs sogged keys, when my fingers clumsily blundered, The keys I was taught to play Displeasing Mother’s ears
Tangled Ripped Tattered Scared  Wrapped around the jagged arms Of a small tree Been discarded   Left alone to Hang in the wind Ripping it like Vicious fangs  
Shaken up because of it, ever since I was a young kid How could he, whom I once considered family, my own blood, How could he, do that to me? Although I was still just a kid, I grew up at the age of five
  Being the First. I remember the long summer nights the most.    The sweet scent of Juniper floating among the breeze.   The croaks of toads and chirps of crickets filling the silence.   
The art of saving isn’t hard to master. Just a few months of training will do. Still,  The first death always feels like a disaster.   We spend countless hours studying and working,
Hi, my name is Stacy I'm the girl who smiles every time you say hello I'm the girl who has all the good grades I'm the girl who you let watch your kids and animals
He covered his mouth to hush the panting breaths he took. Leaning his bare back against the shed, he re-formed his hand and placed a finger to his lips, asking a nearby rooster not to give away his position.
To my anonymous adolescent, I’m sorry. Sorry for suppressing your existence and never giving you the chance to clock in and serve your time here on this earth.
The Boy who never wanted me— To know anything About where he had slept at night The Boy who dreamt Upon basement steps, locked behind a door Of his father's key. A book,sealed with tricks—
I was born with ash-filled lungs, and Mama kept some cigs in her panties. She made me a plain dress once— said it matched my face. I never could understand, why every whisper in town waft her name.
I left the birthing house a while ago. A haven of mournful mothers and cries of new breaths pierced the air— absent the slap of fathers.  
Along a lost dream, He grieves the loss of reality. And feigns forgiveness to the dry bones Of humanity. Society and it’s pillars Hierarchy of wisdom and folly: The child, the woman, the man.
Sitting in the past, I see you wear a mask. Why can't you just be honest? I thought you were my goddess. What did I do you wrong? Was I not good enough? The world was against the two of us.
Ten years old I didn't have a worry in the world Eight years later the world is weighing me down I didn't do this right. I could be doing better. I'm selfish. I yell and scream.
Childhood sky is full of stars, But when you get adult, Wherever you look, You see some clouds.
Hidden cries behind sweet, innocent eyes Faint whimpers of mistaken trust Confusion from the hand that is held A future dried up in the dust
The most cowardly crime one can commit is leaving. I remain fixed in this trance that one day, maybe one day, you'll come back for me. Days fade on, years go by... Slow in reality, quickly in reflection.
Her little hands grew big As did her little feet But her big big eyes Her big expressive eyes Remained. And it saddened me That the birdies Would be lucky enough To be looked at with
When I am sleepy I go to bed, Then fairies dance around my head. Rainbow colours in glittery sparks, They tell me not to fear the dark. Then come the green elephants and blue pigs, Orange mice and yellow dogs wear wigs.
Suffocating in darkness As a diseased light paved my way I attempted to scale the barriers That separated me from the outside where life thrived
You said you loved me You said you cared Then you passed away leaving me with a blank stare You left so violently Taking your own life Plunging into your chest that delicate knife I'll never forgive
Bed Dreams Ah bed so soft and warm I love to jump and play In a feathery swarm Every night and day For a bed is a place that’s fun Now if only I actually had one.
I can remember the first time I was about to commit suicide. It was about two years back... Maybe even one, I can't really remember. All I can remember was what happened.
No Beat twenty one days, new beat, dark,warm, happy small so very small and undistinguished but that'll change, I'll get bigger, my clay-like features won't be so undistinguished.
Innocence wilts, tulips in a graveyard. No hope left to flutter slowly by. Rays of sun can no longer bring her back to life.
Don’t look at me With those pleading eyes We can’t afford the name brand, You know I’m not doing this To make you stand out To make you “a loser” As you say to me And your diary
Going to school is hard. Going to school is fun. When I look back, I think of what I've done.
She wraps her tiny hand around my thumb as tears run down my face. Her green eyes ask so many questions that I just can't answer. Not now.
I see you running towards that ball in the fields. I hear your laugh when you fall in that pile of leaves. I think of that day when you won’t need me to fight your battles.
(poems go here) She's Screaming and crying, I don't know what to do. I try to help her, But I can't move. My daddy, He hits her again and again. My poor little sister, My one and only friend.
Dundund prudundun Droplets drumming dead the door; Tettle-little lylyettle Celestial tears tickling ivory eaves. Tapping toes on a hardwood floor.
Breathe, little one, breathe.
Remember when you knew me by the twinkle in my eye, Remember how you looked at me In early morning hello and late at night good-bye
I Am The Waves In The Ocean And The Roots Of The Trees. I am wind and thunder and rain. I am the image of my father, Kemet. I am soil and breath and soul. I am Africa personified. In the way I walk
It was never my intent to return to this place dark halls of betrayal, and lacking in grace Lustful intentions, like geysers of steam scald memories ‘neath mahogany beams
Don’t, Don’t Can’t, Won’t You’ve used every excuse more than once But I won’t forget My vow above all Against you I promise to bear a grudge Is it right? Is it rational? I don’t care
I do not understand Why I was ignored I do not understand Why I was turned away I do not understand Why I was not believed Why I was thought to be a liar Just like I do not understand
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