This Generation

Thu, 12/09/2021 - 20:08 -- jglucia

They say our generation tries to grow up too fast 

But we live in a world where we are to live to others’ expectations and grow up. 


In a world that is much too real and reality doesn't hit us like a ton of bricks 


one by 

one by 

one, like the candles on a birthday cake. 


And that light? Represents the years of life we have made it to. 

because we know life is much too short,


We watch the news, it sucks us in, society, addicted to death and misfortune. 

And on the TV, those candles you see being lit represent death not life


That wax dripping and dripping like the icebergs in the north.

Dripping and dripping like the tears of people that have brushed much too close to the death that meets us in the end.


They say our generation is lazy, a good-for-nothing when in reality 

we are the matches being lit up like a bonfire in the darkest of nights. 

While we watch you light our world on fire and there is nothing we can do about it but

drip and drip. 


That lighter you hold?

Is global warming, discrimination, pollution, poverty, disease, racism, sexism,  hate, drugs, greed, crime, 

And all we can do is watch it like the news at dinner time.


We watch and stare and sit because children are to be seen and not to be heard 

Because every time we speak the honest truth we get put down 

For too long we have stayed quiet

drowned in the words of others 

suffocating us.


we reached the surface

we tasted that sweet air 

now it's time for us to open up our latch.

you see we are lazy because what else can we do but watch you light that match


We just wait, burning until we are at that nub. Less than what we started as.





We don't do anything because a lot of us have given up hope.

We joke about it because we might as well laugh, 


while our whole world topples before our eyes. 

Cuz how else we cope?

I mean  they say laughter is good for the soul.

If thats so then why do smile at death, 

why do laugh to hide the tears that glaze over our eyes, 

holding them like milk in a bowl.

Why are we so happy when the world that we grow up in is a messed up maze of death. 

Why are there people who are so so lost, but yet don’t ask for help? 

Why. Why? Why.


But yet even with the wax dripping there is still a light, 

a warmth holding us together in a sticky messy, roll of duct tape 

We remember the people who have died for us.

a martyr whose death is a light that us moths follow. Not hiding

Yet, We have to cling to the people who are still fighting


 you say our generation grows up too fast well 

because in this world full of darkness and hate we have to hold our chin up high, 

We have to hold it high

we have to harden ourselves because if not we will mess up the future of the next generations 

just like you did to ours 

Hoping that inhale won’t be the last exhale of breath.

We have to find that light. 

learn to smile with your eyes without tears burning like Wax behind your lids

to fake it until you make it cuz you never know when your candle will be 

lighted for life 

or for death


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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