Possession and Regression

Fri, 04/10/2015 - 01:14 -- azsxw1

We all Want More.

One more Job

One more Friend

One more Dollar

One more Life


And It Seems to Me

Life Ain't About That

Life Ain't just a few things

or more


Kids are Dying

Woman are Crying

And the Men only Know about Flying

Because when they want more

they need more Family Too

But what they can't see

is the Tears that never flee

from the Hearts and Eyes

to the Poor Kid working for A B


He goes Home Tired

Looking for more

Looking for more of a Dad

Looking for more of a Brother

Looking for more of a Love

That will Pass away Like his Mother


Fear and Failure is All He knows

Fear and Failure is all He shows

But at the End of the Day This Kid

This Kid Knows

Life Ain't just Possession and Regression

Life Is a Reflection, a Deflection from these Inflections

We Put on Him

We tag him With

We shame him Into

Because we want More

we Want more Success

and Instead of Making our Own we Destroy His

because He Never Got started

So now he's Martyred

For his Strength

For his Length of Time he Rhymes

on the Street with the Others at his feet

cause He shines with his words

and He shows with his words

and He flows with his words

and He Has More with his words

So We Try to take that away

Because we All want that

We all want more.

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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I want one more if your poems. That was amazing. Hope to see more from you.



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