September 7th, 1943

The autumn air has become thick

Filled with fear and desperation

What was once home

Has become Hell on earth

Destruction rapes the surface

While the sky explodes with fire

Deaths army entered yesterday

Unimaginable screams and cries

Of pain and terror

Escape from the ashes

With only one bullet

And three lives at stake

Who is spared?

The husband argues

The wife should take the bullet

But the wife wants the husband

To take the bullet

As the sound of death, gets closer

A final decision is declared

Sleeping in his crib

His fate decided for him

Not wanting to wake him

The parents say their goodbyes

Through tears and regret

Holding his wife close

The husband aims

They both close their eyes

The shot echoed off the walls

Leaving a resonant tone of regret

Rebounding back into their souls

The wife falls to the floor

The husband brings her back to her feet

Suddenly shouts and knocking at the door

Holding hands, they stand tall

Knowing what they did was the right thing

The door breaks open

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Our world


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