The Choices of the Future

Fri, 03/29/2019 - 18:40 -- Jopin

It was the Thanksgiving of last year


I was with family and peers.


When my uncle came up to me and asked,


"Have you decided on your college yet?"


College? College? I wasn't thinking about college.


I never had a thought in my mind about college.


With a flurry of questions about the future,


What's your Degree?ACT?


Considered the SAT?


As a child, I had a carefree life,


No choices or questions that caused me strife.


Now here I am, interrogated about college


A topic I still have limited knowledge.


I wanted to ignore them and go back to before


But I couldn't, I'm not a child anymore.


Before, I was a kid who never cared a dime


But here I am, working part-time


I wasn't worried about money or grades


But those time are soon beginning to fade


I never had choices that would make such an impact


But now it is time for me to accept the fact:


The life I once had is now a memory in the past


And the future ahead is coming real fast.


This poem is about: 



The story of the time I realized I was no longer a child, and I had to be an adult.

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