I Remember Like Yesterday

Fri, 06/21/2019 - 19:57 -- apeop6

I remember like yesterday, the year 2002,

At three years old, there was so much I never knew.

I thought DisneyWorld was on a cloud in the sky,

And drinking orange juice always made me cry.

I played under covers and from silly monsters, I fled,

Until nighttime fell when I’d be carried to bed.


I remember like yesterday, the year 2008,

At nine years old, I had nothing on my slate.

I went to school just like every other kid,

And thought it sucked like most of them did.

I hated oatmeal and vegetables sucked,

And every little thing activated my tear duct.


I remember like yesterday, the year 2013,

At fourteen years old, the world began to careen.

I made new friends, we explored the city,

And going home after was always a pity.

I thought math was fun and school was worth it,

Albeit each day there wasn’t exactly perfect.


And here we are today, the year 2019,

At twenty years old, life changes, I’ve seen.

I go to bed on my own, Disney’s actually on land,

And oatmeal and veggies aren’t really that bland.

School’s still a blessing, the city’s a great place to be,

But going home after is awesome, I truly guarantee.

Orange juice is delicious, math is extremely unfun,

But all that’s changed cannot be wrapped into a neat bun.


I have gotten a job and made my own money,

I’ve even paid a bill, the feeling was crummy.

I’ve grown as a person and learned how to love,

I’m starting to understand what an adult is made of.

So now you’ve taken a sip from my history cup,

I think it is clear to see, I’m finally growing up.

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