Twenty-Six Letters


Lines tell stories

Lines tell stories.

Stories that are made up of twenty-six letters

Flipping and flopping are words that we can make out of twenty-six letters

Have you ever stopped to think?  Think about those books

Think about those poems

The poems.

The poems that make you cry

The poems that make you laugh

The poems that make you chuckle

Twenty-six letters.

How minute a number seems when not engrossed in our everyday life of reading

Of counting.

When numbers such as infinity take such an overwhelming fear of never

Twenty-six  letters is all it took to create history

To create myths and legends

To create heartache, tears, yearning.

How pertinent it is to a writer

To realize that with words come emotions

Wounded words of wisdom that may make a child feel no fear

Feel as though home may not be so far away

Feel as safe as they ever could be with just twenty-six letters.

Magic and dragons and wizards and witches

Friends and family and enemies and true-loves

The biggest and most magnificent imagination a young reader holds in the chest of his mind.

A curled up ball of a human in a corner

With a book

Is what is beautiful.

And all this 

With just twenty-six letters.



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