Red Child

Shafts of light shatter the morning sky
Beyond the horizon, black clouds loom
    Juxtaposed seriously

The effervescence of dew shines underfoot
The mellifluous patter of feet
    Working harmoniously

For whom doth the siren call?
For not Red, would it be heard at all?

A cheerful bungalow
Overhead vines doth grow
As much as the distance begins to close
The patter of feet begins to slow

With inquisitive intent the girl doth knock
In response the knob turns to unlock

An act of unfaithful fealty
Elder bones creak anxiously

From a slump the matriarch arises
To convey forth many surprises

A familiar face born of artifice
But to Red nothing seems amiss
Come hither girl give grandmother a kiss

A clue, an insight
A lack of illuminating light
Her sense of exuberance turned into fright

Oh grandmother, What stiff limbs you have
The better to hold you with child

But grandmother, What pale skin you have
The better to present you with, my dear

But grandmother, What pink lips you have
The better to kiss you with, my dear

But grandmother, What acrid scent you have
Does it bother you, my dear?

Responses give way to the truth of simplicity
And drain what is left of Red's felicity

The specter of death as a wolf in sheep's clothing
A blank expression, now one of loathing

Rather than face the mounted terror
and forego her guilt as grandmother's carer

The mind concocted a farcical dream
And so down Red's face tears now stream

The cycle of life and decay
Turned once again on this day

Red flowed vibrantly
Next to her grandmother
    Juxtaposed harmoniously.

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Our world


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