Does it Matter?


Does it matter that I come from a poor family, or that I am bi-racial?

Does it matter that I went to private school, on tuition assistance?

Does it matter that a drive by shooter shot at a person running by our house, and a bullet grazed my home?

Does any of this matter? 

Are you suprised, that I have enrolled and will be attending college in the fall since I am a child of two parents whom did not complete or enter college?  Does it matter?

What does matter, is that despite my surroundings, I am determined to rise above the obstacles that lay before me and enter and complete my college education. 

Determination, inspiration, imagination, encouragement, love, manners, morals, values, are the feelings that matter. 

My parents may have not given me the world, but they have given me the key and the rules to get it.

It's all up to me, and that is what matters.


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