A Vow to Hate


United States
27° 56' 50.7912" N, 97° 12' 2.0916" W

Don’t, Don’t
Can’t, Won’t
You’ve used every excuse more than once
But I won’t forget
My vow above all
Against you I promise to bear a grudge
Is it right?
Is it rational?
I don’t care
I’ll shoot daggers with every stare
I’ll resent you even after my body is rotten
You’re a liar if you say you’ve forgotten

You’re such a child- no one has ever been able to stay mad at you
But I’ll hate you forever- on my life you can bet!
My wounds unable to scab over and mend
But I’m no coward
I will not flee
Or hesitate to look you in the eye
Yes… I suppose I can speak, if it will make you cry.
You’re as indifferent as nature to the trouble you cause-
Well, the tides are turning.
I’ll bust my ass for you no more-
Go ahead and drown if you must!

Excuse me for making you lift a limb,
Exert some sweat,
Use your brain,
Make you live a little.
Well I’ve solved the riddle.
What you want is not ‘better’ or ‘best’
But rather ‘easy’ and ‘fun’
Thus, not life
But a reality scam

Join the followers
The fakes, the weak, and the meek
I’ve only given everything to help you
I’ve never tried to change you
But I saw potential!

I’ll admit it was a mistake
I may have lost the battle
But I’ll win the war
So I’ll ignore you forever, like never before!


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