Not Just a Dream.

My shoes stepped onto the land filled with falling snow,                        

My blondish hair shined in the cold day,                

My brown eyes, stare at a wondering crow,                     

My thoughts are speedy like the shot from a bow,


The first time experiencing this white wonder,                          

The thoughts I had, “Was it water? Was it ice?”                        

Then I figured, “It was a concoction made my nature”,                

This white powder, oh so worth the price.                              


I fell in love that instant,                                                      

I stood still,                                                                       

It was the little love felt from the family runt,



My dream was broken, 

It couldn’t be,

I was awoken,

I wanted to be free,


It was all a dream,

A lie created by my own mind,

I wanted to scream,

It was a feeling so unkind,


I was awoken by a crow,

Awoken in north keep,

I looked down the window to see snow,

It was true, I had just fallen asleep.                                                              

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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