The Day I Said Goodbye

Thu, 02/13/2014 - 15:41 -- Kyxster

I wish you had told me sooner

That you would be leaving me

I know you have your duties but


Your daughter

Deserved a say in the matter

I watch the news

I see the deaths

I would not be able to see that person on my steps

That person bringing the bad news

The person who’s words would cause my blues

The person who would not be there when I need a father


The day I said goodbye was the hardest day of my life

I cried until my eyes hurt

I cuddled myself in the fetus position a

And I refused to accept what I couldn’t prevent

I refused to accept the fact

You might not come home to me

I refused to comprehend that might have been the last day I saw your face


The day I said goodbye

Did something to my insides

Where everything were in shades of black and white

I didn’t know how I’d survive without you

I didn’t want to imagine loosing you

I just wanted my daddy home


The days after I said goodbye

I grew… 



And prouder

I became…



And a supporter


That day I said goodbye

I was not alone

There are many families all over the country

… saying goodbye…

“Saying goodbye, my heart left. My body stayed behind”

And you did everything in your power to protect that heart


The day I said goodbye

You said goodbye also

You purposed in your heart to be a hero

Instructions you’d follow

To protect your:



And country

Doing everything to stand up for what’s right


The day you said goodbye

Looking back was a proud day

The day you publicized your honor

The day you said, “I am proud to be an American.”

And these very days are the reason

I support you with every part of me


The day I said goodbye

Was the day I said hello to the military community

The day I was officially apart of a family

A family that would look out and support each other

No matter the grounds


The day I said goodbye…

My father did not only become a proud veteran

He became a hero


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