Life is a Venn diagram


Hey! I’ve realized that You are a Venn diagram, but You would never tell me that.




It’s bright.

What is that?





What’s that noise?

But that smell-- it’s “awful good”

I hold tight to her.

How’d we get here?


I hold tighter.



She knew everything. She told me so.

But I can barely open my eyes!

Are they clapping?


This looks like the movies, but Gramma doesn’t bring me to the movies anymore.


What makes them so happy?


I smile too.

Oh! I go.



Where is Gramma?






The curtain was going up for a final curtain call,



Standing eternally still




Her hand is wrapped around my finger, tight

I realize



We’re not here for me.

within a moment’s pause, my eyes adjust


The attention of the audience is on her.

“Look!” I want to tell her. I try to laugh


With one motion choreographed

instantly in my head:


I stepped to the side and pushed her

to wave and begin

my heart takes a bow and then she goes


and again I’m still as the curtain goes down in front of me




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