Maid of the Yonder

Maid of the Yonder,

I call upon your brilliance of hope.

Eyes bright like the sparkles of the sea,

Lost in memory, stumped in desperation-

May this song appease the tears you hold.

Rock the cradle by your side,

One that is empty, yet full from your sight,

Rock it with vigor!

The child crying within is asking for you.

Give it the memoria of its parents:

The pearl necklace sent from its mother,

A piece of carved driftwood from its father-

Bring them closer to the cradle.

Now, as you join in this song,

May you never lose hope in your reality.

The calming splash of the nearby sea,

May that calm your racing heart

And clear your mind from the problems before you.

As you dedicate the rest of eternity

To the child of the cradle,

Never forget your origin no matter how far you wander:

The lulling sounds of water,

The creaking of metal on wood,

The muddled tonal music from multiple individuals,

And the burning smell of salty brine.

Look behind, look ahead,

It is not too far away now.

Lower your head and get some rest

As it is soon time for you to return-

Return back to the sea where they are waiting for you.

For you to rock the cradle once more

The timing with the rhythm that only the ocean knows.


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