I’m afraid of spiders their hairy legs and relentless fangs

Afraid of the tallest heights looking down from the stairs

As if they are a 200 foot skyscraper

I’m afraid of shots like a small child first trip to the doctor

Sharp needles, small holes

Like puncture wounds they feel as if I've been stabbed by a knife

But will never hurt as bad as the words you say to me

Not even just the “no’s” to my wants and needs but the names you’ve titled me as

“Inconsiderate”, “selfish”, and “lazy”

Afraid of constant cursing and name calling everytime I come home for safety

You’ve raised 3 kids

One just like you

The other is me

And the small one is lost

But the words aren’t like shots

No, they’re the stains on my clothing

Staying no matter how many washes

The very depths of the grand canyon

In my heart your words lay

I’m afraid scars never go away

But I hope one day you realize

What you’ve done to me

This little girl you’ve destroyed

But thank God I was stronger than that

So I only have one thing left to say

Thank you for making me who I am today


This poem is about: 
My family


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