Loss of Innocence


The long, luscious curls of innocence,

The young, blonde hair flows in the wind.

The child runs and plays carefree,

The sunlight glows off her light skin.


This image of innocence is such bliss,

Less problems and less responsibilities.

The child daydreams all day long

About the future and the possibilities.


As the child grows older, she learns

of heartbreak, of sadness, of the harshness of life.

Her innocence wears away as she loses her bliss

And she deals with fights and strife.


And as she ages older and older,

She misses the innocence of her youth.

Lying on her death bed, she tells her grandchild,

“Enjoy your innocence before you realize the truth.


For I cannot go back and relive my innocence,

I took it for granted and wished it away.

Do not be too ready to grow up and be older,

Live your innocence to the fullest every day.”


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